Billing for FusionPBX

Since 2014, I have been developing this application. It's an in-app that integrates within the system.

It supports:
  • Pre/post billing
  • Multicurrency, for example, bill in CAD, pay in USD
  • Tax support
  • Static charges
  • Multiple pricing lists
  • PayPal support
  • Offline payment support (extra plugin)
  • Stripe payment support (extra plugin)

Remember, to make money you have to put money. It is the natural law of life.

Do you want Billing for FusionPBX as Opensource?
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ASTPP works just fine, it doesn't bill until end of call though so there is prepaid fraud opportunity potentially.
Hi DigitalDaz, I currently have my boxes setup like this, ASTPP side by side with FusionPBX, how is the billing at the end of the call opening us up to prepaid fraud? How exactly and is there anything I can do on my side to negate this risk?


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Lets assume the guy has 20 channels and $100 credit on.

If there is a hack and 20 channels are started simultaneously to a premium number each channel as it starts will be allocated $100 call duration.

You will end up with a balance of -$1900
Is there any way to avoid this...I've already set max call limits to 1800s, so 30 minutes max call rate then the call is dropped. I have fail2ban working as well as can be, all extensions are secured with the fusionpbx password randomizer, what are the other "have to" precautions needed in place? I can't use ACL's as I need roaming mobile fusionpbx only uses my ASTPP as my trunk gateway, so even though it's publicly nat'd, it can only dial my ASTPP where all accounts have a limit.

Is TLS beneficial as a hack deterrent or is this only good for safe-guarding calls? I'm expecting these two pbx's to begin catering for high user loads, I'm using G729 only, if TLS is needed will this drastically increase processor utilization and increase codec bloat by encapsulating? i.e. is it worth the trade-off if it brings much stronger security?