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    Hebrew System recordings

    A customer of mine has requested that all prompts voicemail and system menu prompts should be in hebrew. So I got 2 questions 1) is this possible to do based on Sub domain only. 2) Where do I get all these hebrew prompts are they built in?
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    International CNAM and DIAL PLAN

    i have a customer in Israel, i provided him with a Israeli DID and the number is for example +972 2 3749789 i would like the outbound caller id should show 02-374-9789 but instead fusion sends out either +023749789 or 23749789, Provider is IDT and they are saying it depends how I send out the...
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    Control Playback audio dtmf options

    I have a bunch of requests from customers to give them this option on ivr audio files, since they use it for their students to listen to long audio files, so they would like to hav like features of volume up and down, fast forward and rewind and bookmark , i've done it a while ago using Java but...