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    Inbound Dial Plan for invalid numbers

    Hi everyone, Hope you guys are doing great. I am trying to setup an inbound dial plan that can detect if the extension exists (on Extensions). And if not, to route the call to a voicemail system. That is for example in case an employee leaves the company. While the number still exists on the...
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    Dial Plan "tutorial"

    Hi everyone, I've been learning freeswitch/fusionpbx. We have great documentation in terms of the system itself, as for example the dial plan details at fusionpbx website and also the default files at the GitHub repository.
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    Voicemail email template - Caller ID name issue

    Hi everyone, I was able to configure Voicemail to Email. The functionality works great, however, I am having issues with the Caller ID name that goes along with the email message. For some reason, the Caller Name (person who left the voicemail) shows as the Caller Number instead. See print...
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    Inbound calls - multiple extensions

    Hi everyone, It might be a simple question but I haven't found any straight answer online. Inbound calls work properly but I have only the option to land it to a single destination. Inbound calls are transferred via action > transfer > 2527 to extension 2527. What if I want to land it on...
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    HTTP provisioning

    Hello everyone, I was able to provision my Aastra phones via HTTP. However, I had to disable the http username and password to get it working. The reason I had to do it is because Aastra phones don't have the field to insert the provisioning information (username and password). Aastra phones...
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    SOLVED Inbound calls not working

    Hi guys, I've been trying to troubleshoot why inbound calls are not working. I can make outbound calls from my Fusion PBX with no issues, but incoming calls don't work. Below is the log: 2019-06-19 13:51:44.350574 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:1104 New Channel...
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    Aastra phones - HTTP auto provisioning

    Hi everyone, I started playing with FusionPBX last month but since then, I've been struggling to auto provision my aastra phones using HTTP provisioning. I mostly followed the steps from: Looking at the logs, by changing the http path on the...