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    Block Yealink SMS ON PHONE! Possible?

    Delivered bunch of Yealinks to school kids figured out that you can send sms to other phone customer wants me to block it. Is it possible tip do from the config of auto provisioning? Any help appreciated
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    Sip Providers

    I use IDT, very happy with them.
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    Recurring Complaint - "cutting out" on calls

    Firstly, SonicWall in general doesnt give you the easiest time with VOIP in general. Have you tried switching him to TCP? If I remember correctly, there is a timeout setup on the sonicwall for voip CLICK HERE . I would divide the network and put the phones on a more simple router, be aware that...
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    Hello everyone

    HI and Welcome
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    Hebrew System recordings

    A customer of mine has requested that all prompts voicemail and system menu prompts should be in hebrew. So I got 2 questions 1) is this possible to do based on Sub domain only. 2) Where do I get all these hebrew prompts are they built in?
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    Country Ban?

    I once picked this site up by one of the IT Expo's but i haven't tried it yet, You can try it and let me know how this works At the same time, I started using IDT for my international calling, they only allow calls to country that I allow even though it gives me some more...
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    International CNAM and DIAL PLAN

    i have a customer in Israel, i provided him with a Israeli DID and the number is for example +972 2 3749789 i would like the outbound caller id should show 02-374-9789 but instead fusion sends out either +023749789 or 23749789, Provider is IDT and they are saying it depends how I send out the...
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    Cloud Hosting Provider

    I've used them in the past, theyre pretty cheap. just make sure you protect your server well, 2 of my servers were attacked before I gave it up.
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    Cannot Get Provisioning to work.

    First thing I would do is go to the url for this phone for example"THE PHONES MAC ADDRESS" and see if the server brings up the proper config info. yealink's are probably from the easiest provisioning. I've also had once...
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    Inbound call dropping.

    I would log in to SSH an do a sngrep -c (put this DID here) and read the debug to see what happens with the call.
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    Control Playback audio dtmf options

    I have a bunch of requests from customers to give them this option on ivr audio files, since they use it for their students to listen to long audio files, so they would like to hav like features of volume up and down, fast forward and rewind and bookmark , i've done it a while ago using Java but...
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    Not sure, just tried it on my system it was working great.
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    Extensions register/unregister at begining of work time

    What router are you using for this network? is sip alg enabled? did you try extension on TCP?
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    I would try changing strategy to simultaneous.