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  1. DigitalDaz

    Remote Access to Event Socket

    In answer to a question from @cogs66: Create an acl for you remote IPs, I named mine esl_acl: Modify your event_socket.conf.xml: <configuration name="event_socket.conf" description="Socket Client"> <settings> <param name="nat-map" value="false"/> <param name="listen-ip"...
  2. DigitalDaz

    PBX Checker

    I'm creating a PBX checker service, a much simpler version of a pingdom type thing, its coming along quite nicely.
  3. DigitalDaz

    An auto sanitizing pastebin for voip

    Try this and see if you would find it useful: Its going to try and sanitize the content whilst still making it a logical read to debug.
  4. DigitalDaz

    Thanks to those reporting spam

    The occasional spammer is managing to get through the net and make posts, please continue to help keep these forums spam free by using the report button at the top when you see any :)
  5. DigitalDaz

    Cannot log in with new user

    I have just installed a fresh copy of the latest master, created a domain and a couple of users and made them members of the admin group and now I cannot log in. Anyone else experienced this? TIA
  6. DigitalDaz

    I broke the theme!

    Just upgraded to the latest forums software and it broke the other theme which hadn't had an update since early last year. This new one appears to have a decent team behind it, lets hope so :) I'm not that good with graphics either and also color blind so it would be great if someone can supply...
  7. DigitalDaz


    How do you find these phones? They look very pretty and good value, with a bunch of features but I am hearing reports of poor reliability, phones locking up, etc. What is your experience?
  8. DigitalDaz

    And then along comes Giovanni and owns it :D

    Just brilliant :) Just follow the instructions exactly and it will work.
  9. DigitalDaz

    We all need this!

    The would have saved me so much pain in the past :) Simply: apt install molly-guard
  10. DigitalDaz

    Enable TLS debugging with SNGREP

    Thanks to a guy called TomP over at for this solution. nano -w /usr/share/freeswitch/scripts/app/xml_handler/resources/scripts/configuration/sofia.conf.lua Change the line from: --table.insert(xml, [[...
  11. DigitalDaz

    Exporting DID numbers to CSV

    There was a question today on IRC: Here's a quick and dirty answer: sudo -u postgres psql -d fusionpbx -c "\copy (select destination_number from v_destinations) to '/tmp/didnumbers.csv' with csv"; To export just a particular domains did numbers: sudo -u postgres psql -d fusionpbx -c...
  12. DigitalDaz

    Been playing with two factor auth :)

  13. DigitalDaz

    Enhance Your PBX's Security With This

    This is no replacement for upgrading to the latest FusionPBX but I'm going to try and get this working on all my servers. I'm just sharing a script I have been playing with that I believe is a great security enhancement. Currently, only use this on a test box or if you are confident with...
  14. DigitalDaz

    Zammad Ticketing System Integration

    I was asked by LayLow on IRC yesterday whether Zammad could be integrated with FusionPBX. I had a couple of hours to spare so I had a play, here's the results: The three files attached need to be dropped into the /usr/share/freeswitch/scripts directory. You need to edit them and put in your...
  15. DigitalDaz

    SOLVED Freeswitch 1.8.5 NAT bug

    There exists in Freeswitch 1.8.5 a NAT bug that will result in some users having problems witch calls, one symptom of this is some calls not being hung up correctly. To work around this I have created a set of packages for freeswitch 1.8.4 as this does not appear to suffer from this problem. I...
  16. DigitalDaz

    Nice site to convert audio for FusionPBX
  17. DigitalDaz

    How are you all doing billing?

    It struck me how many people are interested in clustering etc but without a redundant billing solution its all kind of pointless. If your billing server is a single point of failure then whats the point. Being as no one seems to talk about it makes me think you are dealing with it in other ways...
  18. DigitalDaz

    Yealink attended transfer and caller ID.

    Someone posted this on IRC, not looked at it yet but its looks a useful snippet so want to record it here. Credit to a guy called Funk_ in IRC: If someone else is having troubles with the callerid showing after finnishing an attended tranfer: the following values need to be set...
  19. DigitalDaz

    Anyone for FusionPBX 4.4 with Freeswitch 1.8 on Stretch?

    Now available via the fusionpbx installer.
  20. DigitalDaz

    PHP Sessionclean on LXC

    It seems there is a problem with PHP cleaning session files on LXC. Here's a quick workaround, credit to the proxmox forums: systemctl disable phpsessionclean.timer systemctl stop phpsessionclean.timer Edit /etc/cron.d/php And change the file like so: ##09,39 * * * * root [ -x...