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    FreeSWITCH forum

    Would anyone be interested in a FreeSWITCH (without FusionPBX) forum? I'm posting to say that I would. :) The Signalwire slack & IRC are pretty dead for FreeSWITCH help and the mailing list is what it is, but there's no forum out there that has a FreeSWITCH focus.
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    Experimenting with a full load-sharing cluster

    Overview I wanted to share my general notes on what I have working so far, and how, to achieve a full load-sharing FusionPBX cluster. I am hoping that we can collaborate in this thread to work up a document showing what's possible and what's not. My goal is to have a PBX cluster with separated...
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    DB connection/query optimization

    I'm working with a non-local postgresql database and it is slow due to hundreds of queries being fired off for every change of page in the GUI. I'm not sure if it's reusing connections or reconnecting each time. Does anyone have any optimizations that would help improve this?