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    allow registrations from domain or ip

    I have a local PBX where users register via it's IP address. I have created an FQDN and opened it up for public registrations. The registrations comes in as These registrations fail. This will be the only domain in this pbx. How can I get this to work? In the internal...
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    FusionPBX Docker image

    Hello, Is there a Docker image for FusionPBX? I found one, but it is not maintained. It is about 4 years old. If there is not an image can I start off with a Debian base image and install FusionPBX in the DockerFile? thanks,
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    music on hold

    Hello, I have a customer that would like to stream the music on hold from Spotify. Is it possible to do this? I am thinking of having the ability to add whatever streaming audio service whether it is pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and/or a podcast.
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    segment gui from freeswitch

    Hello, I am building a freeswitch farm and would like to have FusionPBX manage it completely. Has anyone done this and or point me in the right direction? I would like to stand up a plain freeswitch box and connect it to FusionPBX. Then add or delete freeswitch boxes as needed. I know I...
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    FusionPBX made calls from unauthorized ip

    I have a Cisco 2911 with a TDM card installed on it. This connects to all the analog phones. This IAD has extension 7123 on the pbx. It is set under advanced CIDR the ip of the IAD From my understanding this is the only IP that is allowed to make phone calls from this...
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    callcenter Wallboard and Reporting

    Hello, I have a customer that has a callcenter and would like to move to FusionPBX for their platform. FusionPBX has most of the functions to set them up out of the box, ie smart queues and agent logins and stuff. That is OK, but the issue becomes more on the reporting side. I see that as a...
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    outbound calls on Cisco IAD

    I have a Cisco IAD configured as a bridge for inbound calling. This IAD has a TDM handoff connected to an old 66 block. All the analog phones are able to receive calls, but they cant dial out. When they attempt to dial out the call gets to the FusionPBX box but it goes no where. The...
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    Polycom Provisioning

    I have looked and not sure I found a good article on how to auto-provision phones on FusionPBX. Right now I have a separate Apache server doing the provisioning through http/https and it works. But I would prefer to do it all on the FusionPBX site if possible. Could someone point me in the...
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    * code to set night service

    I have a customer that has a "time of day" setup. In the mornings at 8AM the calls ring the receptionist and she handles all the calls. At 5PM the calls go to an auto attendant. This works fine. The issue becomes when the office closes early, or sometimes they dont go in. Is there a way I...
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    stir/shaken support

    Hello All, Stir/Shaken has been added to freeswich with libstirshaken. What are the plans to integrate stir/shaken to FusionPBX?
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    System application missing

    Hello, We have some custom scripts that ran on older versions. We have just installed version 4.5.15. These scripts are python scripts, we used to call them with the "system" action. We are are not seeing the system application anymore. Is there a way to add this back, or is there a new...
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    cli password change

    Hello, We are building several boxes out using Ansible. We need to be able to change the default password on the boxes to our own password. Is there a cli way to reset the admin password?
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    Nginx 504 Gateway Time-out

    Hello, We have two servers that have been running on AWS for over a year now. This morning I attempted to login to them and at first everything seems fine, but after about 30 seconds of browsing the system the server just hangs and becomes unresponsive. Doesn't matter what I click on, I could...
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    blink presence

    I am using Blink as a soft client. How can I enable presence on it, so that users can tell when another user is online or away? Also is there an easy way to add all the users to Blink?
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    conference recording format

    Hello, Is there a way to change the conference recording default location of: /var/lib/freeswitch/recordings/<IP>/archive/2020/<month>/<day> /var/lib/freeswitch/recordings/ (so remove the month and date) Also change the format so something more readable such as conferenceID+date.wav or...
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    call me if I get a VoiceMail

    Hello, I have a mailbox that I need to get a call if I get a voicemail message. Is there something like this avail on FusionPBX? We have a shared mailbox for after-hours usage and based on whoever is on call, they should get notified that a new VM is avail and be able to check it. We dont...
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    dial plan for ,#*

    Hello, When your users receive an email invite to auto join conference bridges, the call does not go through. It does not find an outbound route. The users usually dial something similar to <ConfNumber>,,<pin># How can I setup a dial plan to allow special characters?
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    outbound calls without extension

    Hello, I have Cisco IAD with a couple of analog lines hanging off them. I have created a bridge on the inbound DID side and route the call the IAD. This is working fine. The problem is that when I try to make an outbound call. The call comes into the fusionPBX box as DID@CiscoIAD...
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    blank screen after upgrade

    Hello, I have clicked on the upgrade tab on the GUI and ran the upgrade. All of I am unable to get into the GUI, all I get is a blank screen. Apparently freeswitch is still running but the Gui is not accessible. How can I get the GUI back? Thanks,
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    rtp port changing

    Hello, We have a phone app that ties back to our fusionbpx servers. Recently the android phones are getting one-way audio. It works on iPhones and desktop clients. Based on the pcap's and fs_cli I see that the audio ports changed after the sdp negotiations. Not sure why this is happening...