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    How to Upload Voicemail Greetings?

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to upload a pre-recorded voicemail greeting? And/or set a "recording" (from Apps > Recording) as a greeting? I'm familiar with uploading recordings and using within an IVR, but there doesn't seem to be a way to link them to voicemail greetings. I'm going to...
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    Formatting Dialplan with dial-9 first

    Hi all, Any idea how to remove the 9 from from a dial-9-then-x-digits so that it's properly formatted in the E.164 format? Effectively it'd be using $1 but dropping the first character, so 9 in this case. Guessing it's a regex replace command, but want to use the proper solution in the proper...
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    SOLVED Proper formatting for external phone number for "Alternate Destination"

    Hi all, I suppose this question could also be applied to destinations when time conditions are met: What is the proper formatting for the "Alternate Destination" if I'd like it be an external phone number, like an employees cell phone for example? Is entering the DID (or 1 and DID in my case)...
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    SOLVED FusionPBX Gui Crashed

    EDIT: I was actually blocked by fail2ban, so please disregard post and sorry for taking up community time Hi, All telephony services are working fine, but I've lost access to the web gui. Page just times out. Not sure where to troubleshoot other than a restart, but it's a production system...
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    SOLVED fail2ban - freeswitch.conf not catching "SIP auth challenge"

    Hi all, Unless I'm misunderstanding something, the default freeswitch.conf file (fail2ban/filter.d/freeswitch.conf) does not appear to be capturing "SIP auth challenge" log entries, only "SIP auth failure". The differences can be seen here in bold: default freeswitch.conf, via fail2ban's...
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    "Feature Request" Thread

    Hi, any way to add a "Feature Request" thread? The GitHub repository doesn't appear to accept/display feature requests anymore, so maybe feature requests aren't tended to by devs at this time.
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    SOLVED Voicemail not sending if message is very short

    Note: This thread has been changed from and SMTP-related issue to adopt to the actual problem. See post #3 below: Hi all, I've been unable to get FusionPBX working with Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service (AWS SES). I've got a multitude of other hosts/services using SMTP via SES without...