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    You Won't Believe This. Just Drag & Drop...

    I developed this system where you can drag and drop to create anything you can dream of. What would you create? What would you do with this tech? (image below) :)
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    Conference Room Routing Issue - Multiple Servers

    In a clustered 2 server fusionpbx setup where both servers share the same database and using DNS for load balancing; how can I make a conference room "sticky" so all callers attempting to enter the conference room are guaranteed to be on the same server to talk to each other. So for example...
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    fs_path not being used for INVITE issue

    I have a two FS node setup. Both sharing the same DB. fs_path is set to true. I see fs_path set correct when running the command "show registrations" on each node. My issue is when I have extension 100 registered on node1 and extension 200 registered on node2. Extension 100 and 200 can not call...