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    "Fail Enqueu"

    Hi any idea about why i recive when trying to send fax "Fail Enqueu" ?? thanks
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    Diversion header

    If my provider refuse the open diversion header- there is option to send the call Id of the caller when fwd is active ?
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    HI try to install Wildcard the script ask : "Add the following to the zone definition of domain.tld: _acme-challenge.domain.tld. IN TXT "PY7ttk6no_5eG7WtAbO6qs5-NzA-Kigko375omKc0nw" d and then hit enter " where i need to put this line ?
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    Recording call

    Hi There is any option to record only calls that been answered ?
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    Busy tone

    Hi Having a problem when distension internal or external t is busy I am getting normal clearing when calling And call is disconnected at the log is |: 486 busy here Any suggestion how to fix to receive the busy tone???
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    provision device keys

    Hi try to configure keys on device fanvil x4 the system ignore the programming and doesn’t make change to the cfg file configuration - any suggestion ?
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    server ip

    Hi Need urgent help After making flush cash And restart the server lost the network ip And the sip status show Any suggestion to fix that??
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    new here

    Installing traditional Pbx over the past 20 years Start learning now the Linux and the fusionPbx \hope to succeed (:
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    server ip

    Hi I install the last version on Debian 9 On a local server that connect to Lan The server working on static ip – the system worked perfect I try just for testing- to change the sip status in the gateway to internel And when I put it back to external, all...
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    Hi I build 4 different call center queue There is possibility to view more than one queue in the callcenter status screen?