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    IVR audio quality

    Sorry, i attach 2 SIP/2.0 200 OK SIP/2.0 200 OK X.Y.W.Z:5060 X.Y.W.Z:5080 xVia: SIP/2.0/UDP X.Y.W.Z:5060;branch=z9hG4bK3442fb80;rport=5060 qqqqqqqqqqwqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqwqqqqqqqqqxFrom: <sip:34.......4@X.Y.W.Z>;tag=as50a088a5 15:16:38.201127 x...
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    IVR audio quality

    This is the INVITE from my phone to ivr. ( I hide phone number and ip address for privacy) xINVITE sip:gw+e22a8bea-f86f-460e-bf89-bba07315f787@X.Y.W.Z:5080;transport=udp;gw=e22a8bea-f86f-460e-bf89-bba07315f787 SIP/2.0 xVia: SIP/2.0/UDP...
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    IVR audio quality

    Hi, i'm testing an IVR welcome audio, with ".wav 8000Hz" format and if i listen this file in recordings it's ok, but when i check to call from cellular i have a noisy audio. Why? If i check with another voip number the audio is ok.
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    internal call restrictions

    Hi, I try to test this configuration. I have 4 extensions: 204,205,206,207. 204 and 205 can call other extensions and all to external, so i create outbound route with toll_allow = external and i set this on 204 and 205 extensions. the extensions 206 and 207 can call only 204 and 205 but not...
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    SOLVED [SOLVED]change time condition or inbound route from dialplan code

    I solved it. I create a new call flow with extension and code with destination (actual nbound route) and alternate (close message). i modify inbound route to call flow extension, and if i press the code i set the alternate destination. Thank you!
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    SOLVED [SOLVED]change time condition or inbound route from dialplan code

    Thanks for your suggestions. the scenario is as follows: now the calls are forwarded with inbound route to time conditions and then to the IVR. Given the period I would like to insert a transfer to "close message". Can i do it?
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    SOLVED [SOLVED]change time condition or inbound route from dialplan code

    Can i change the inbound route creating a new dialplan code? I would change actual time condition in inbound route to another and i would like change it from an extension phone.
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    SOLVED Voicemail to Email not working at All

    I have same problem to send voicemail to mail. if i test on stable 4.4.2 pbx not send email and if i check in Status->Email i don't see anything. i have private ip to authenticate all. Could be acl problem?
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    Block call between extensions

    I would like to block calling from an etxension to others. Could you solve it? Thanks in advanced
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    Fusion PBX Mail

    Hi, i have some problem with voicemail. i congifure smtp to send mail but the messages are recorded in mailboxes but not send the email and I do not have the log in / tmp /
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    Multi-Tenant Outbound not working

    hi, from today I have problems to outbound calling numbers with prefix 89... (number green). The outbound route is attached and suddenly from today not function. Same rule to other server work properly How do you resolve the problem?
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    Block Anonymous/Uknown callers

    Hi, could you help me to block NULL calls? Can i translate NULL to number to block it?
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    Block Anonymous/Uknown callers

    If I start an anonymous call, I receive the attached message. But if i insert NULL in block calls, the call is not blocked
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    Block Anonymous/Uknown callers

    Can i block anonymous (NULL) callers in fusionpbx?