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    SOLVED Music on hold for call park

    How do I set the music on hold for call park?
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    Country Ban?

    I'm late to the party but I have developed an ACL that I put into my routers that block a lot of the bad guys. You can start off by just blocking some RIPE superblocks. If you want my ACL, just PM me and I'll send it to you.
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    Email to fax format

    Do you have email to fax working correctly? I had it set up a few years ago and when I redid my servers, left it off because nobody was using it.
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    We use SMS mostly for individual users for texting. I do have a client (gatehouse at a gated community) that uses the API to send text messages to residents when their visitors come through the gate. It works just fine and we can pull an SMS CDR at the end of the month for billing.
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    Their systems are awesome and they show you the trace of each call in their portal if you're trouble-shooting. But I've been using Teli for the past 2 years and I'm a happy camper. I send my international out thinq
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    Yealink BLF

    I am using Fusion provisioning to configure BLF on Yealink T27G. In devices, I set the keys to Line, Key #, BLF, line number, extension #, and label. All the phones work with BLF except a new one I just installed. On the new one, labels show and the buttons work as speed dials to the...
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    Did you ever get this sorted? Most carriers now provide 911 services. If you still need help check out Bulkvs.
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    Devices: Primary and Secondary Address dropdown

    Yes, I did all the usual steps, etc. I can use your method or edit the database directly to get this going. What I'm looking for is the setting that governs all this. I've been through group manager and default settings and if it is there, I have missed it.
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    Devices: Primary and Secondary Address dropdown

    After upgrading, the device fields for primary and secondary address are now dropdowns instead of text entry fields. They are not populated. I need to either: 1) populate them 2) revert back to text entry fields Any help would be appreciated
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    Convert yesterdays wavs to mp3

    I have replaced lame with ffmpeg and convert to OPUS. The quality seems better and the files are smaller.
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    SOLVED Destination Dropdown

    Thanks - I knew it was somewhere but didn't know where!
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    SOLVED Destination Dropdown

    When creating a destination, not all available options are available in the action dropdown. For example, I do not see time conditions. How do I add that to the dropdown menu?
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    Voicemail WAV to MP3

    Does anyone know of a script availble that converts voicemail wav files to mp3?
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    RECOMMENDED Can't delete domains (Solution in thread)

    It is disabled by default now. Go to Advanced / Group Manager and then press on permissions for superadmin. Go to domain settings and tick the block for domain_delete and save. Logout and back in and you're good to go.
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    Copied fpbx box with new ip address - internal profile not running

    This is from the freeswitch log when restarting sofia: 2020-06-10 11:29:44.354314 [ERR] sofia.c:3228 Error Creating SIP UA for profile: internal (sip:mod_sofia@;maddr=;transport=udp,tcp) ATTEMPT 1 (RETRY IN 5 SEC)
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    Copied fpbx box with new ip address - internal profile not running

    i restored a backup of a fusion box, changed the IP address, but under sip status, the sofia status does not show the internal profile running. I have restarted freeswitch but no help. What else should I look for?
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    CDR write error

    CDR is not being written and I get this in the CLI at the end of a call 2020-05-27 08:12:20.512347 [ERR] mod_xml_cdr.c:395 Got error [404] posting to web server [] 2020-05-27 08:12:20.512347 [ERR] mod_xml_cdr.c:402 Retry will be with url...
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    GS Wave and native dialer

    With GS Wave, if a call comes in on the native phone, it puts the GS Wave call on hold and shows the new native call coming in. Is there a way to override that, i.e. not put the gs GS Wave call on hold?
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    SOLVED Hold Music Not Playing

    I converted it to WAV and it works