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    Domain Specific SIP Profile

    Hey all! I have this weird issue with phones that I think is network related. The issue: sometimes a phone won't ring (not always the same phone), and a reboot fixes the problem. Sometimes BLFs on a specific phone won't function. Whole things screams of SIP ALG, but that's already been disabled...
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    Call Parking and CID - Grandstream Call Park

    Just a couple months ago when setting up a park button for Grandstream GRP2615, I thought it was so cool how the display showed the CID of the caller when they were put on park. Now instead of the CID it just shows "park". I'm not sure where to start here with regards to possible issues. Any ideas?
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    Install Specific Commit

    So currently from what I've seen in order to do a restore, the recommendation is the source be updated to the latest, a backup be taken (rsync or tar specific directories), a new install be made, and a restore initiated. The dilemma is this destroys one part of the value in historical backups...
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    Discussion on Zipping/Tar Files Actively Being Written

    So I'm writing a backup/restore script, and it's getting a little intense in my head. I mean seams simple enough, tar up the files, restore them on a new install. The restore will/can be relatively destructive, it is after all a restore. The backup though I want to be able to run as often as...
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    SOLVED Phantom Phone Calls From Weird Extensions

    So this phone on my dev environment has started to receive phantom phone calls from weird extensions that don't exist in the PBX. The calls also don't show up in CDR, so I'm kind of thinking it is network related, but the other phone I have on my nextwork in my production PBX is not receiving...
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    Backup/Restore Issues

    So I've been working on creating a restore script largely based on this: The idea is to have a duplicated server of my dev machine somewhere else for the sake of testing redundancy. I've actually got the script working in that...
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    Ideas On How One Might Monitor Call Quality

    So something I've been pondering in my head from since I started playing with phones a few years ago is: How would one realistically monitor a phone system to the level that a user would notice?; e.g. "the phone isn't ringing", or "the line is dead", or "call quality is really bad". We can...
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    Call Forwarding - GRP2615

    Hey everyone! I'm attempting to make the transition from Polycom to Grandstream. Nothing wrong with Polycom, I just like the innovation that I feel Grandstream has and is bringing, and the direction now Poly is going makes me nervous. Anyway, Call Forwarding on Polycom was a simple push button...
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    Outbound e911

    Hey so, I'm having problems with e911 outbound. I enabled it on my provider which works just fine outbound normally, but when dialing 933 my phone is getting a 404 Error (Grandstream). The provider logs aren't showing any failed attempts which makes me think the issue is with the PBX. I have a...
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    Anyone Been Able to Get LDAP Work With FusionPBX?

    I'm looking over documentation now both public and on the membership documentation but things aren't currently matching up with what I'm seeing in FusionPBX, but I haven't fully gotten hands on yet, before I did was curious if anyone has been able to get this working and if there's been success...
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    MOH Is Kicking My Arse

    So it seems like no matter what file format I upload I inevitably end up with this: 2020-03-21 05:09:56.524102 [ERR] switch_core_file.c:101 Invalid Filename 2020-03-21 05:09:56.524102 [ERR] mod_local_stream.c:360 Can't open 2020-03-21 05:09:57.524119 [ERR] switch_core_file.c:101 Invalid...
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    Grandstream GRP2615 admin_password - web password

    So I'm having this weird issue, the config for the appropriate line looks like this: <!-- # Admin password for web interface --> <!-- # String: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 --> {if isset($admin_password)} <P2>{$admin_password}</P2> {else} <P2>{$mac|replace:'-':''}</P2> {/if} What's weird is...
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    Grandstream GRP2615 - Provision Issues

    Been troubleshooting this for a minute, purchased a playtest GRP2615 as I'm considering it over Polycoms. I have a Syslog server that is reporting the below from the phone itself: - HTTP response 200 - Downloaded CFG data - Reboot by config change path = /app/bin/config_xml, name = config_xml...
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    Email to Fax

    New puzzler that I figured I'd start here in case anyone wanted to hand me some tips as I work through it. Fax to email is functioning without issue, but email to fax is acting...odd... fax_emails.php appears to process it and notes the relevant data, I can tell the fax-server is picking it up...
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    Donate Option?

    Hey, is it possible to get an option to donate to the FusionPBX Project? Is there already an option maybe somewhere that I haven't found. Couldn't see it on the home page. I know there's the membership option and $100/mo isn't necessarily a ton of money but for those of us who aren't there yet...
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    SOLVED Anyone had success implementing SMS on 4.4.9 via Flowroute?

    Hey all! Been using FusionPBX for the last few months has been great, except now I have a need for SMS integration send/receive which has been a struggle so far. I've seen several threads but none have seemed to work for me. I'm able to cURL a text out from Debian itself via Flowroute but no...
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    Whitelist Only Phone Numbers

    I'm looking at playing with an option to whitelist only certain phone numbers, and hopefully have a relatively easy way to whitelist it. I've been looking at call flows which would be great, but I only have true/false variable to play with. It looks like I could maybe work on inbound routes, and...
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    CallerID on Outgoing wrong with Specific Trunk

    Hey all this is the response back from vendor support: "Sam, I think I've got this figured out. What we're looking for when it comes to the caller ID number is the user part of the from URI. For example, when you send a call that says "From: “XXXXXXXXXX” <sip:…" in the INVITE header we're going...
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    Killer Time Getting a Phone to Provision 4.5.7

    I went from 4.4.4 to another server running 4.5.7, and I'm having a killer time getting this guy to provision. I get it to take the provisioning information and then reboot (as if it will have the config), but it comes back up default. I could have swore this wasn't as difficult with 4.4.4, but...
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    Is It Possible to Delete a Domain?

    Hello! I've run into a scenario where I have a couple domains now under Advanced -> Domains, and I'm hoping maybe I can just remove one. Is this a simple sql query maybe? Thanks! - Sam