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    Domain Specific SIP Profile

    The transport under Devices is already am I barking up the wrong tree here even? Also this is unrelated to the topic at hand, but something maybe worth considering at some point would be like a new server setup list, consisting possibly of just a large index on different things that...
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    Domain Specific SIP Profile

    To be clear when you guys say switch to TCP, are you referring to the Device options by account, or it that only for registration? How might I switch a domain specific to TCP? I will look this up but it might be easiest to maintain the answer within this thread as well. I ask largely because I...
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    Domain Specific SIP Profile

    So this was super helpful! Unfortunately my original thoughts turned out to be incorrect so now I'm thinking it must be an MTU issue. When pinging and adjusting packet size, packets fragment after 1472, which seems a little small from the default 1500, but not super small. It's actually the same...
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    Domain Specific SIP Profile domain name isn't too long, but now I want to shorten it, even a few characters repeated a few times adds up, especially in a packet. I'm fairly certain the issue is that the ISP was handing a LAN IP to the modem. I've seen this before in Fixed Wireless networks, but it was a cable...
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    Domain Specific SIP Profile

    Hey all! I have this weird issue with phones that I think is network related. The issue: sometimes a phone won't ring (not always the same phone), and a reboot fixes the problem. Sometimes BLFs on a specific phone won't function. Whole things screams of SIP ALG, but that's already been disabled...
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    Call Parking and CID - Grandstream Call Park

    Just a couple months ago when setting up a park button for Grandstream GRP2615, I thought it was so cool how the display showed the CID of the caller when they were put on park. Now instead of the CID it just shows "park". I'm not sure where to start here with regards to possible issues. Any ideas?
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    Busy on Busy not possible?

    Can't you limit SIP channels on the gateway and wouldn't that provide a busy signal when the SIP Channel quantity is reached? I'm not certain that's all age generations. When I hear a busy signal, I immediately discount the company I'm calling. Younger generations might not even know what the...
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    Install Specific Commit

    So currently from what I've seen in order to do a restore, the recommendation is the source be updated to the latest, a backup be taken (rsync or tar specific directories), a new install be made, and a restore initiated. The dilemma is this destroys one part of the value in historical backups...
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    Discussion on Zipping/Tar Files Actively Being Written

    Hmmmm...agreed on disks are cheap anymore. Trying to get all this into Wasabi. Might be overkill, but I guess what you're saying is: rsync would wait on a file to then copy the most up to date; thus ensuring that (assuming the process completes) rsync pretty much guaranteed has everything and...
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    Discussion on Zipping/Tar Files Actively Being Written

    Rsync requires an active server though, I'm writing it with rclone to double as a backup option. I don't technically have to tar the directories I suppose but the compression to save space, and the simplicity of one file will allow me to maintain a historical reference easily enough. Granted I...
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    Discussion on Zipping/Tar Files Actively Being Written

    So I'm writing a backup/restore script, and it's getting a little intense in my head. I mean seams simple enough, tar up the files, restore them on a new install. The restore will/can be relatively destructive, it is after all a restore. The backup though I want to be able to run as often as...
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    Not able to make any outbound or inbound calls

    Is your Gateway appropriately registering? Also have you worked with your carrier? Typically for me, I have to have the Gateway setup a certain way to my carrier's standards, then I have to have an outbound route 10 digit, then I have to have CID set in my extension before outbound calls will...
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    Moving FusionPBX to New Hardware

    Possibly resurrecting an old post here, but also kind of doing it on purpose as this did help me. What's the value to zipping up /etc/fusionpbx? If you restore it to a new install, ultimately seem to have problems with the database password and such. Does anyone really edit the files in...
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    SOLVED Phantom Phone Calls From Weird Extensions

    I think for Grandstream, or at least this particular model, it is probably this one. The common Grandstreams seem to already have this enabled, but this one in particular is probably a forgotten model, for reasons I've mentioned. :D Thanks for your help @Adrian Fretwell
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    Problem mit Display Times in Time Condition

    Have you set time_format, correctly under Advanced -> Default Settings? You might change this, reload and see if it solves a lot of your problems without changing the PHP code.
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    SOLVED Phantom Phone Calls From Weird Extensions

    So this phone on my dev environment has started to receive phantom phone calls from weird extensions that don't exist in the PBX. The calls also don't show up in CDR, so I'm kind of thinking it is network related, but the other phone I have on my nextwork in my production PBX is not receiving...
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    Ideas On How One Might Monitor Call Quality

    This looks about right, lemme see what I can do with this. One thing I noticed too in FusionPBX, is Ping dependencies under advanced for Gateway options; I wonder if realistically speaking, one can just set fail-over based on assumptions that at X and Y ping audio quality WILL degrade. But even...
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    Backup/Restore Issues

    Looks like there's a caching element in /var/cache/fusionpbx that I had not previously accounted for.
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    Call Forwarding - GRP2615

    Yes *72 and *73 interface with the LCD much better! Sleek! This kind of fixes a lot.
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    Call Forwarding - GRP2615

    Interesting, I wanted to say I "got this working" by enabling local feature codes, which I did, and it is nice, but you are correct that it seems to cause all sorts of problems as most of FusionPBX's feature codes almost seem to conflict. The local call forwarding though makes clear when...