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    I got some T43U deployed and they seem to work fine with the fusion template, noticed a few small things like the primary server address setting does not set correctly, it takes the server address. One thing is when follow me is enabled the handset shows call forwarding enabled, is this...
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    dial from one domain to another

    can anyone offer any advice/guide for how to setup a dial plan to dial from one domain to another, i.e. domain 1 is ext 100-110 and domain 2 is 200-210 - would this just be an outbound route?
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    yealink handsets and TLS registration

    Had a cert expire on a server, whoops, had some yealink TLS registered handsets de-register which is to be expected, but even when I disabled trusted certificates they still would not register - does anyone know if they cache the cert some way ? I have just re-enabled trusted certs and TLS and...
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    show incomming call from ring group

    I have a ring group that calls 5 extensions simultaneously, is there a way for it to show on each extension that its a ring group call, looking for a way for way you can differentiate between a direct call to your extension and a ring group call, could a BLF button be used for this ? Cheers...
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    Click to call

    ive seen a few posts about this, but the main one is pretty old - does anyone have a working solution for click-to-call with fusion? I tried this chrome extension - - it worked a few times...
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    SOLVED edit db via bash

    Anyone know if it would it be possible to edit the db via bash?, I am looking to modify internal & external ext-rtp-ip/ext-sip-ip
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    gheto redundancy

    I am looking at ways to add some redundancy to my setup, I don't have a membership so have not configured BDR and such but what I have managed to do is spin up a second server in AWS that has an auto restore from the live server every 24hrs. My thinking behind this is if I have a problem with...
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    GUI missing dropdowns

    Anyone seen this GUI bug before ? v4.5.20 There is suposed to be a dropdown for selection in both locations.
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    Yealink line BLF keys

    all of a sudden all the line keys on a T54W have stopped working, PARK programmed ones are working fine, but the line lamps have all just disabled - everything is functioning fine, they light up if you press them to get a line - no changes were made to fusion at all. tried handset reboot...
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    SOLVED Call forward ring group

    I have a ring group that simultaneously rings some extensions, what’s the best way to call forward the ring group from a handset ? Or should they just unconditionally forward one of the handsets in the ring group ? Can a blf be programmed to enable / disable a forward on a ring group ?
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    provision using GDMS

    anyone know where in you can input the auto provision URL and http user/pass,all I see is the attached, sure I am missing something obvious here
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    Cisco SPA122 long delays

    Seeing some odd behavior with a SPA122. after a while it would no longer receive calls, I shortened the registration time from 3600 down and that seams to help but what I see now is if I call the external direct DID, it takes about 15+ seconds to start ringing if at all. Same with outbound...
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    delete one ext + voicemail - all extentions gone!!

    Has anyone seen this bug before, I went to delete a single extension and it asked if I wanted to delete the voicemail also, bam next screen ALL the extensions have gone, system is still working and all extensions are registered, but i can't see any of them in the HTTP GUI, its very odd and...
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    cisco SPA122

    Pulling my hair out here, I tested with a SPA122 and fusion about 8 months back with no issues. Pulled out the SPA122 again today, same as it was before, plugged it in and was able to make outbound calls just fine but no inbound, tested a few things but couldn't get it to work. So I factory...
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    ahhh SIP TLS once again

    This has come up a few times, and ive done my reading, seams to be conflicting paths Marks guide here makes it seem super easy, I have letsencrypt installed and working just fine, however after editing the internal_ssl_enable feature it kills freeswicth entirely, sometimes the server crashes...
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    updating fusion vs updating os

    Sorry if this is a silly question, I try to keep things as up to date as possible, but obv worry about braking a prod system, even with backups its still a little nerve racking. I am running 4.5.15 on debian 9.11 no issues with running the fusion updates via the gui, but what about OS...
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    SOLVED odd bug adding incoming call route, actions missing

    went to add an incoming call route and saw the below, all extensions, vm box's, IVRs etc are missing anyone seen this before. does not happen on my other test fusion install very odd. happens on a new domain and existing
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    Creating your own auto provision config files

    I have experimented a little with creating my own {$mac}.cfg files for phones, in this case a favil X4U. I tested out the X4 template and mostly it seams to work with the X4U but few things I am not sure about. I see mark has started work on X4U which I see in git but from what I can see its...
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    SOLVED Fusion Security

    Just wondering if its a problem that I see constant INVITE with CALL SETUP on my test deployment. I have fail2ban setup as it comes with the install, and as per the guide I have enabled both freeswitch-ip & auth-challenge-ip. For my...
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    SOLVED Remote phone book

    Seeing some interesting things with contacts on my yealink phones. I have Local contacts working perfect, it has the entire list of extensions for the domain. Interestingly enough if I grab the Remote URL from the handsets config next to #3 Local and paste it in a browser I get file not found...