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    hangup_after_bridge and continue_on_fail

    When creating an inbound route to an extension using Destinations in Fusion, it used to create 4 lines of XML below the basic info(as viewed in Inbound Routes) similar to this: condition destination_number ^\+(12223334444)$ 20 true...
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    Outbound Fax ring limit

    Trying to limit the number of outbound rings for a fax gateway. Basically if someone misdials a fax, it appears the system will call 5+ times ringing around 15 times each. I'd like to limit it to around 4-5 rings so as to not drive someone crazy. I don't know this is limited to just fax as...
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    Grandstream 1st second of audio cut off

    Having an issue where callers to a Grandstream phone have the 1st second of audio cut off. Test methodology: Call a Grandstream phone (I am testing models GXP1625, GRP2614). Immediatedly have the person on the Grandstream phone start counting verbally and quickly. Usually the 1 and maybe the...