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    Unable to edit Holidays in Time Conditions

    When setting a Time Condition for a customer, I have attempted to edit the preset holiday dates, but the changes do not save. For example, the "Christmas Day" preset only applies to the 25th of December, but customers are usually closed on multiple days that week. When I try to change it to...
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    Off-hook auto-dialer

    Is there a way to force an extension to auto-dial a number when the receiver is taken off-hook or when dial-tone is detected? For example, can you set up something like a dummy phone that is only set to call 1 particular number/extension when the receiver is picked up?
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    Include called number on inbound caller id

    I looked around a little but haven't seen a post on this yet - may have missed it though. Is there a way to include the number a customer called on inbound caller id? For example, a client has multiple numbers that point to the same ring group but when customers call, they want to know which...
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    No audio when moving YeaLink phones between domains

    We have 2 completely separate domains running FusionPBX that we register phones to (Domain1 and Domain2 for the purposes of this forum). This is not a multi-tenant domain running off of the same instance, but 2 separate instances. I ran into an issue recently where I'll register a Yealink...