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  1. lenz

    Changes to FusionPBX event logging

    Hello all, if you update your FusionPBX system, you may notice that call events have changed significantly: instead of agents being tracked by UUID; agents end up (some - but not all - times) as being tracked as `extension@domain`. See...
  2. lenz

    Possible call abandon codes

    Hello all, I am seeing that when a call is canceleld on a queue, an evengt is generated with a status code in the field `Cc-Cancel-Reason`. Anyone knows where can I find the list of all possible values? E.g. Thanks l.
  3. lenz

    When does agent/queue association change?

    Hello all, I have been working on integrating FusionPBX with our own QueueMetrics Live platform, and so far it is working pretty well. I am able to track agents logging on and off and pausing themselves over ESL events, and this is enough to provide agent tracking and agent actions to our...
  4. lenz

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hello all, my name is Lenz and I have been working on VoIP contact center monitoring and reporting for about 20 years. I came across Fusion working with a number of hosted telephony providers and I'm liking it quite a bit. ;)