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    Call forwarding and codec selection

    I have a single FusionPBX for our small business that I setup start of this year, and it has been running well. SInce yesterday, we have trouble forwarding. Or rather, since yesterday we discovered forwarding works well, except for this one guy that has this one cell phone provider. Checking...
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    Busy on Busy not possible?

    So maybe this is a weird old fashioned question nowadays, everyone seems to want all sorts of queus and voicemails. But what if I want my line simply to be "busy" when everyone (ok, both of us) are busy? Or when we both put our phones on DnD No voicemail. No 2nd line beeps. Just busy. Its a...
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    Which gateway / outbound route used

    So I nicely got FusionPBX running on my RasPi. And pretty much everything is working. And despite my question in the title, I *am* able to figure out what gateway was used, and I do believe I got the routing as I want. But I have to do it by connecting to the FreeSwitch console (fs_cli -rR) and...
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    Dashboard missing missed and recent calls

    So I admit to being a new user, but I did search to see if I could find it. When I first installed it for test, the dashboard showed as very meager, no recent or missed calls. And then after some activity, it suddenly started to show those items, similar to shown here...
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    Hi from Netherlands

    Just a SoHo user here, for myself and a few other family SoHo business who rely on me. After checking out Asterisk & FreeSwitch native, as well as FreePBX, I have to say this FusionPBX is pretty nice and quick to get running. I'll try to always search a lot before I start asking questions