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    Route 53 question

    I setup a health check for tcp port 5060 I created A record with primary and failover do i have to create a seperate health check for the failover record and will the phones failback automatically @DigitalDaz thanks in advance
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    Dedicated access Programming

    Hi all, I have a question we are installing a new sip trunk over dedicated access from a new supplier. My question is how would I program my Debian server to have this access with CPE device for inbound and outbound calling and a second connection supplied by the data center for other sip...
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    FANVIL phonebook provision

    Was wondering if anyone got this to work and if so i would like to know how. thanks in advance!
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    Is this normal

    I see that Freeswitch keeps using more memory as the days go on
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    Just another Provisioning Isuue Thread

    Hi Guys, I am a bit stomped on this one i am having an issue provisioning older yealink models they just wont provision with https only http. Example i can provision a Yealink T46s just fine with but a T46g wont. Other models like Grandstream, Fanvil,etc. also...
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    SOLVED Help

    I rebuilt my b BDR and restored data all is there but i cant register an extension heres a screen shot thanks in advance *** FUSION SUPPORT Fix my issue ***
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    Moving to bare metal

    Hi everyone, We are looking to move from a Digital Ocean VM to a bare metal server was wondering if anyone had any tips on setup we will be using a Dell R430 dual CPU 32 cores 64 gig of ram. We are just thinking of installing Fusion directly to the server and keeping the D.O. VM as a backup in...
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    SOLVED postgres error

    Hi, i am getting the following error in my logs and my system is memory is getting very high. 2021-03-12 19:11:10.322 EST [24754] postgres@fusionpbx LOG: could not receiv...
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    Email call recording

    Hi has anyone ever done this i have a customer that is requesting this. The user does *2 to record a call then when done they would receive the recording by email and it would delete it from the server. Thanks in advance.
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    High CPU usage

    Hi Guys im getting high cpu usage but im looking at logs and cant fing anything any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Hi Every time i upgrade schema always shows this Schema ALTER TABLE v_groups RENAME COLUMN group_order to group_level it never goes away even if I run upgrade a second time.Is there a way to fix this. Thanks in advanced!
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    SOLVED High Cpu usage on idle

    Hi everyone im experiencing high cpu usage on idle it seems like php-fpm and freeswitch is using the most when i look with htop my question is how do i figure out what is causing this thanks.
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    Queue position BLF

    Is there a way to light up a blf is someone is in a queue slot also is there a way for internal calls to be presented before a queue call if call waiting is turned off FYI a potential customer is asking for this
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    Cant download config file

    Hi my issue is i cant download config file (the xml file )from device page is this happening to others it worked before now it says the site cant be reached.
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    Merry XMas and Happy New Year

    Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and best wishes for the new year. Thanks to everyone in these forums.
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    SOLVED Need guidance for big mistake

    Hi i would need some guidance on how to fix my issue. Here it is my backup node got deleted so i need to add it back i know how to create a cluster from scratch but to fix this i dont i am a paid member of fusionpbx but i cant find in documents what would help me to fix this. My main pbx is...
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    SOLVED Busy here

    I have an issue with one DID that if i receive more than 1 call at a time it rings busy. I have near 100 DID's and its the only one causing this issue. Spoke to provider and they say its not them. I have Main static trunk with 30 channels.if i assign a different DID it works fine on that domain...
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    SOLVED Help Weird audio issue

    Hi Guys I am have an issue where if i call a tenants DID from my domain i get no audio if they use they're IP phone and call they're DID no audio if i call any other customer on the PBX i get no audio if they use they're IP phone and call they're DID no audio If i call them from a landline or...
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    Fax help

    Hey guys i would need tips on where to look for faxing issues it was working great until recently dont know what happened may e after update it broke but just realized it now. Any tips on where to look would help thanks! FYI Remote inbox works
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    SOLVED Outbound calls not working on static sip trunk

    Hi gents Im getting a 604 does not exist error on outbound calls can anyone help me with this. I can post a trace if needed Thanks