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    Session Border Controller Software

    Hi everyone, we have been using FusionPbx for a while and we are very enthusiasts about it, bytheway there is one sorto of newbie question I'd like to make: is there any possibility or are there any plans to develop some Session Border Controller software to use with FreeSwitch-FusionPbx? I am...
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    Grandstream GXP16XX or GXP1610 auto provisioning phone admin password problem

    Hi, I have a 4.5.21 and succesfully provisionend a factory default resetted Grandstream gxp1610 but as soon as it reboots, I try to login with admin admin and it asks to change the default password; if I go ahead and try to change it it says that the default password I am using is not correct...
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    Cisco SPA BLF Provisioning

    Hi, don't know if this is exctly the right section to post this thread: I have succesfully provisioned Cisco Spa303 and it seams to work ok, I have tried to make a profile (Devices/Profiles) to set it's 3 Line Keys with BLF function giving it this syntax...