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    Outbound caller id

    i tried to add it to an existing thread but it got missed so here we go. i cannot get Caller id to work from the extension level. We send our calls to an asterisk Gateway first which we manage. The first example of asterisk logs are below using my name and 4169070100 and +14169070100 (makes...
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    Customer Specific Headers

    I was wondering how to do this for the trunk or dial plan. We using asterisk for billing, and our current non-fusion pbx sends a customer specific header "GROUP_NAME: customer.domain" from the outbound trunk so we can identify which customer is calling and bill appropriately. Any suggestions...
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    Voicemail issues

    I am having a heck of a time with voicemails and voicemail to email. 1. I cannot get voicemail to answer. Even though there is no device registered, i get false answer supervision when i call with continued ringing, and the voicemail never works. I have tried a few scenarios, always having...
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    Outbound calling

    i tried following the manual but as someone else has pointed out, the system automatically adds a route called "call_direction-outbound" However, i have added a dialplan and unless i manually type in answer and echo, it doesnt exist in the drop down list. This is where the confusion starts. I...
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    Just Joined, thanks for creating this forum

    HI Everyone, we have many years of providing hosted pbx service, but none with this one. We are evaluating fusion, to determine if we could switch over. I will provide help where i can as i will be probably looking for the same:)