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    Caller_id_number didn't work

    Here is it bro . I setting same but version 5.0.1 worked and version 5.0.2 cannot :(
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    Caller_id_number didn't work

    Try to edit but cannot Bro ! Here is my logs
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    Caller_id_number didn't work

    Hello everyone, I just create new Fusionpbx with new version. In the "Inbound route field, I created dialplan and set "caller_id_number=abcxyz" as image. Howerver, it didn't work properly and only show " caller_id". With older version work ok . Please give the the solution . Thanks you everyone
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    Duplicate with recording Fusionpbx

    Hi Everyone, I have the case duplicate recording when playback in Fusionpbx as : - Call to customer and successful - I talk to customer : Alo But after playback and hear the recording, the record two time "alo" Please explaint to me this issue and the solution Thanks you
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    Disable Remote-Party-ID

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to turn off Remote-Party-ID in my call but still have the problem My topology : Customer --> Fusion--> Opensips GSM Gateway From Customer to Fusionpbx and Fusionpbx bridge to Opensips didn't send Remote-Party-ID However, when return SDP to customer, my fusionpbx keep...
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    Sip CID Type NOT work

    Sorry, If i want to disable RPID before bridge call , how can do it bro ?
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    SOLVED Click to Call - not recording calls

    Thanks bro, let's me try first
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    SOLVED Click to Call - not recording calls

    can show me full dialplan bro, it's doesn't work with me :( . Thanks a lot
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    SOLVED Click to Call - not recording calls

    same issue with you ! Wating the solutions ;)
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    Voicemail disable intro message

    Sorry, i got the issue the same with everyone, and try do add skip_instructions=true but didn't work ! Inbound calls still have the voicemail message before that. So, please intrust me . Thanks a lot
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    Hangup Voicemail after play "beep"

    Hello everyone, I have the Fusionpbx call center ! So, now, with others customer who use voicemail, I would like to detect and auto hangup the call after system play "beep" Please teach me the solutions :( Or another way, can set timeout after play "beep" ? Thanks everyone !