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    Ring phones while greeting is playing

    I got it working with a dirty workaround: - Announce queue position to a member in a given mod_callcenter queue. -- Arguments are, in order: caller uuid, queue_name, interval (in milliseconds). api = freeswitch.API() caller_uuid = argv[1] caller_id = tostring(argv[4]) queue_name = argv[2]...
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    Ring phones while greeting is playing

    Hello, I am currently trying out FusionPBX and I really like it. However, I am trying to get the phones to ring while the greeting is playing in the Callcenter module for some days now and I could not get it to work. Is there a way to achieve this or is this not possible in FusionPBX?
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    Hello from Germany :)

    Hello everyone, I am trying out FusionPBX to switch from 3CX to it as it's not supported on the Raspberry Pi anymore and this forum seems to have much useful information.