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  1. Andrew Byrd


    Whenever I go to DEVICE and click Provision, there is a white screen and in the upper left hand side it says INVALID USER Not sure what causes this. Any ideas?
  2. Andrew Byrd

    Login to GUI shows white page

    A private window did the trick - All loads as it should. Why would logging in from a private window work normal? It was working from anywhere before I did the Advanced > Upgrade
  3. Andrew Byrd

    Login to GUI shows white page

    When I log into Fusionpbx from the web gui, I get a white page with a message about ACTIVE CALLS This just started today Any ideas? Somehow it appears to be pointing to Active Calls on initial login See screenshot attached Also, if I click on the BACK button you see on the screenshot it...
  4. Andrew Byrd

    SOLVED ALGO 8186 Speaker with Fusionpbx

    I deleted the two extensions, recreated them and it worked.
  5. Andrew Byrd

    SOLVED ALGO 8186 Speaker with Fusionpbx

    I registered an ALGO 8186 speaker with a sip extension in Fusionpbx, set the password, and it registered and shows registered Any time I dial ext 440 (ext for ring) I get a NO RESPONSE error. When I view the logs it says USER/BUSY I also have ext 441 registered with the same speaker (for...
  6. Andrew Byrd

    Email failing on first attempt

    Raymond Burress - You were correct. The latest fusionpbx is looking at the default email settings first and was failing because I did not fill out any credentials there. Then I went to email logs and hit resend and it worked because then and only then it was looking at the domain specific...
  7. Andrew Byrd

    SOLVED fs_cli time different than system time

    I have a strange issue. The time in my default settings "time_zone" is correct The time from cli in ssh is correct when I run date or time But, when I run fs_cli all the log entries are 6 -7 minutes off. Not sure why this is ----------------------------------- UPDATE From the fs_cli...
  8. Andrew Byrd


    I have 3 parameters set up in Time Conditions. According to my set up, (based on time of day) the 2nd paramater should execute at 11:52am. Regardless of time of day, the 1st parameter (goes to billing voice mail) executes regardless of time of day See attached - Can someone tell me what I did...
  9. Andrew Byrd

    UNIQUE Time Condition Request for Church

    Week of year in time conditions says the available values are 1 - 53. Since the first day of this year was a January 1, Saturday is that considered the 1st week of the year even though there is only 1 day in that week?
  10. Andrew Byrd

    UNIQUE Time Condition Request for Church

    The church wants an IVR that when 3 is pressed, it rings the deacon of the week There are 7 deacons So week 1 I need option 3 in the IVR to ring Deacon # 1 Week 2 I need option 3 in the IVR to ring Deacon # 2 and so on for 7 deacons The week begins on Mondays Any ideas how to set this up in...
  11. Andrew Byrd


    I noticed when go to EXTENSIONS the option to export / import is there. But when you go to other applications such as DEVICES ---> PROFILES there is no option to import /export a profile. I see you can COPY it, but not export. Any idea on why some applications allow export/import but others...
  12. Andrew Byrd

    CONTABO vps for fusion

    I was just curious if anybody has tried CONTABO VPS for running their instance of fusion PBX in a production environment? I was looking at their profile and reviews and they seem like they’re a very good company. But I would just like to know if anybody has tried using them yet or not
  13. Andrew Byrd

    Debian install issues

    I spun up a vps on ionos (cloud vps) and used Debian 11 and installed Fusionpbx in a production environment with no issues. It's running now. I haven't tried Debian 11 on any Vultr servers but I can't think of why the server host would affect Debian 10 vs Debian 11 with Fusionpbx.
  14. Andrew Byrd

    Yealink T46S Call Parking

    You can always set it to where if the call park is not picked up in XX minutes then the call rings back. I set this up in the dial plan
  15. Andrew Byrd

    Time condition issue - Not working as expected

    I thought 8am meant the entire 8 am hour and 5pm meant the entire 5pm hour. So to get the phone ring from 8am - 5pm I would actually set it 8am -4pm?? The Fusionpbx site says that the time is the whole hour. confusing but . ..
  16. Andrew Byrd

    Call Block - Bug or Config

    I had the same issue today. Numbers not being blocked. I went into the dial plan as suggested above and changed the order from 40 to 25. It works.
  17. Andrew Byrd

    Not able to install Fusion on Debian

    I just spun up a new Debian server (11). Logged in via ssh using Putty apt-get update apt-get upgrade Then wget -O - | sh; cd /usr/src/ && ./ Worked perfect...
  18. Andrew Byrd

    Time condition issue - Not working as expected

    I have verified that my server time is correct. EST. As you can see from the attached image the calls are supposed to go to IVR-NICODA Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm This works fine. But, when 5pm rolls around, calls are suppose to go to 401VM-After hours. They do not - they continue to go...
  19. Andrew Byrd

    No GUI access after changing sip internal profile then rebooting

    Please disregard - I am now able to login. Firewall issue to port 80. The issue I am having now is the internal sip profile says its not running (via gui) and when I click on START, it acts like it's going to start but never does/. If i click on restart it says in yellow highlight, INVALID...
  20. Andrew Byrd

    No GUI access after changing sip internal profile then rebooting

    I changed the internal sip profile port from 5060 to 5070 and then decided to change it back. I RESTARTED the internal profile via the gui. It would not restart. So I rebooted the server. After the reboot I no longer have GUI access at all. It just does nothing, and eventually says page...