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    SPA112 ATA

    I have never been able to get UDP transport to work on these devices behind NAT. It is always my protocol choice due to the fact that it gets around most router issues. I am curious, has anyone been successful getting UDP behind a single NAT to work (with or without STUN)?
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    Autoprovision Admin Password Set Fails

    Has anyone had issues with setting the admin password for yealink phones via provisioning? I am testing with the latest firmware on t21, t48g and cp920 and they will not set the admin password after a factory reset of the phone. I confirmed the common cfg file is set with the correct format...
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    PHP websocket server

    @markjcrane I want to develop a websocket html5 client (preferably with some fallback to long polling). Do you have any suggestions on how to build this within php? I use websocket pretty heavily with Java, c# and node but I am a little unclear how to best implement something like this in PHP...
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    SOLVED Provisioning GXP2160

    Provisioning for yealink and other phones are working fine but I am having trouble getting my grandstream phones to provision and I wanted to know if others were successful. I see the nginx rewrite rules appear to be correct: rewrite "^.*/provision/cfg([A-Fa-f0-9]{12})(\.(xml|cfg))?$"...
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    NAT challenges

    I have a number of challenges with NAT and I am curious if most implementations use the NDLB-connectile-dysfunction setting? I know asterisk uses a similar approach but I am curious if this setting is the norm with fs/fusion?
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    SOLVED Gateway/ACL Issue

    I have been using Fusion/Freeswitch for a while and suddenly my gateway (twilio) is responding back with 407 proxy authentication required on outbound calls. I confirmed the signaling IP addresses are in the acl (even reloaded the acl). On inbound calls it is even more bothersome. I see the...
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    SOLVED Dialplan Question

    I need to do t.38 transcoding on the b-leg (internal leg) of an incoming call and I am wondering the best way to edit the dialplan (or other config) to make this work. I have it working on outbound calls but inbound calls pose a problem since the inbound route does a 'transfer' instead of a...