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  1. Samael28

    Simple Call ACL App for FusionPBX

    Made a simple Call Access Control List application for FusionPBX Idea is to have a set of rules, that will be match on Caller and Callee number to allow or reject this call. As an example - simple limit certain extension to call only certain numbers. Or block some callers to call exact this...
  2. Samael28

    RECOMMENDED Import Extensions/Devices from CSV file

    Proudly presenting an app for bulk import extensions/devices to FusionPBX. It can create Extensions, Voicemails, Devices from imported CSV file. Point, it's provided AS-IS :) Now version for 4.2 only (4.4 version will be announced soon)
  3. Samael28

    FusionPBX - VTiger connector

    A bit news (not sure it's right thread but) We've done a FusionPBX (4) - VTigerCRM (7) connector. As of now it's doing click2call functionality + popup on incoming call (if your office phone is ringing) Used own fork of FusionPBX (based on 4.2), cause requires code change. But tried to do it as...
  4. Samael28

    Docker image for Development

    Hi Made a docker-compose and Dockerfile for FusionPBX (based on DigiDaz's), but focused on Fusion development (also points on my fork of Fusion, so you may edit Dockerfile before deployment). Not much differ from original file, but to solve some issues. Tested on 17.06.0-ce (Mac)...
  5. Samael28

    Fusion/FreeSwitch SIP profile "internal" config

    Hi! By default FusionPBX configures internal profile in a bit strange way. Idea is, in some cases phones behind NAT can't register on Fusion. Case is: Phone (port 5060) -> NAT (change port to 1023) -> Fusion. In this case in REGISTER message phone has address like <private_IP>:5060. But Fusion...
  6. Samael28

    FusionPBX custom app

    Hi! I've created custom app for Fusion (actually, as a basic took Call Flow app) Developed it on one server. But when moved to other (with App Defaults, Menu Defaults, all stuff), when trying to access app, got this Fatal error: Call to undefined function if_group() in...
  7. Samael28

    Hello from Ukraine

    Hi to all VoIP guys here! I'm working with VoIP/Telecom from 2009 and discovered Fusion about 3 years ago. Really like it.