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    luasql.postgres not found

    Hi, I use 4.4.1 version When I try to send fax, I get this error in fs-cli console 2018-11-19 19:40:14.393636 [ERR] mod_lua.cpp:203 ...eeswitch/scripts/resources/functions/database/luasql.lua:35: module 'luasql.postgres' not found: no field package.preload['luasql.postgres']...
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    Drop Calls

    Hi, We have Fusion PBX on Cloud and its working since long time. We have one gateway truck. We have registered 8 extensions. Any incoming call going to a ring group (simultaneous) which it includes all the extensions. The issue is that some times when we pick up a 4th or 5th incoming...
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    Callee - Destination number

    Hi, FusionPBX get inbound calls from Freeswitch For Inbound calls routing I need to use condition = ${sip_to_user} Me I Would like to use as condition = destination_number Right now condition = destination_number is not working for me There is someone to advise me how to build the...
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    destination_Number, sip_to_user

    Hi, I would like the advice in case is possible. I have a freeswitch installation. I have also fusionPBX installation that is working really fine. FusionPBX uses as gateway a SIPDEVICE of my freeswitch for inbound and outbound calls. My Question has to do with this: Inbound calls from the...
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    Calls in same Lan stay active after uplink disconnected

    Hi, I still mak tests/checks of Fusion pbx . Fusion is on public IP on Dedicate server /Debian 8 We have Extension A ( and Extension B ( and both are registered to fusion pbx via NAT/Router Extension A call to Extension B and they are on an active call. When the...
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    Hi, There is any simple way we activate PHP ESL on Debial ? So I will be to us the api? For example I would like to run this script: <?php require_once('ESL.php'); if ($argc > 1) { array_shift($argv); $command = sprintf('%s', implode(' ', $argv)); printf("Command to run is: %s\n"...
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    Voicemail to e-mail

    Where I can configure the outgoing mail server for each virtual PBX that I have created? In Faxtomail this is possible!
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    Non Authedicated Calls?

    Hi, At the past I was using freeswitch for test reasons. After some testing I realized that some one who knows an extension/SipDevice was able to make outbound calls without this extension/Sipdevice to be registered. This was taking place using the re-invite method by toutching the SIP...
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    SOLVED Destination Number of inbound call

    Hi, I Test Fusion PBX and it looks nice ... I use a VoIPTrunk and I need to register. The Gateway is working fine for inbound/outbound calls. The Issue is that I have 3 DID numbers for inbound Calls. At the inbound call the destination DID Number is missing and as Destination number is the...