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    Snom Provision Server

    Dear all, I try to set auto provision with snom but when I make a device in xml fusionpbx put server settings with domain not real address of server: <setting_server perm="RW">http://demodomain/app/provision/index.php?mac=0005167206d2</setting_server> <firmware_status...
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    Blank page on Default Settings

    Hi there, i have an issue when i try to open the Default Settings page, a blank page appears and this started to happen after no any alteration. Did someone else find this error? Any solutions? Best regards
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    Backup configuration

    Dear all, I have a fusionpbx 4.2.5 version and I already install in other mahcine version 4.4.3, how can I make a backup for all domain and relative configuration for migrate to new version? Thank you Furuzi
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    Problemi with click to call on Contact

    Dear all, I have a fusionpbx 4.2 and 4.4 to debian, but I have the same problem with contact and click to call, I make user in association with extension and I would to make contact on pbx and possibility to click to call on phone number, but when I click on phone number on Yealink desk phone I...
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    Problem to access Upgrade page

    Dear all, I have a fusionpbx 4.2 work fine all but I have problem to access to Upgrade page (advance/upgrade) when I try to open page have an error: 502 Bad Gateway. I try to disable fail2ban and firewall without success. Have you an idea how can I fix the problem? Than you.