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    LDAP to CardDav (1 way read) Phone Book Gateway

    Hi folks, I'm using FusionPBX since a couple of months and (nearly) everything works like a charm. But: I've been a little unhappy with the phone-directory integration (same as with other products like Asterisk, Ansitel, Fritz!Box). So it's not FusionPBX related! It's my uncommon scenario not...
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    Busy-on-busy together with voicemail-on-timeout

    Hi Folks! I'm still unsuccessful getting busy-on-busy without completely disabling voicemail. I would like that a second caller get a busy signal when I'm already in a call. At the moment he get immediately transfered to the mailbox. Is someone able to point me into the right direction?
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    Call waiting -> Decline -> Busy tone? / alternative voicemail greeting?

    Wish you all a Merry Christmas! After a couple of test with Asterisk and FreePBX I ended up with FreeSwitch + FusionPBX. Really cool stuff, but terrible complicated o_O, at least for me ;). What I'm currently struggle with, is to get the old ISDN "busy on busy" behavior. Let me describe...