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    Reject calls when there is no agent avaible

    Hi guys!! a question: We need to not have queques. Is there anything i can add to the dialplan to directly discard the call(so that it directly gives a busy signal instead of answering and starting the on hold music or playing the busy tone) if there are no agents avaible for a queque? thank you.
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    Call center app: call a pstn as an agent

    Hi guys.. always bothering! So when i go into the call center app and i try to set up an agent, how do i tell the system to direct the call to a landphone? I understand it's the contact form but i can't manage to figure out the syntax. should look similar to 075xxxxxx as a number dialed...
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    Softphones can't transfer calls if made from a trunk

    When i call the number of the pbx and a softphone answers, when they hit the transfer button they get routed to a voice that asks if they want to record or not the call, and it does not get transfered correctly. All the other operators use gigaset phones and they can transfer calls just fine.
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    Call detail record pdf export incorrect

    Hi! Me again! :D So when i go exporting the call records, it gets cut off at the sixth page. Also, totals shown on the pdf are not complete- every 24 hours of conversation they get reset to 0 Can someone help me? EDIT: go to default parameters>cdr>limit and set it to false. Now it shows all...
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    Send busy when all agents are busy

    Hi! I have another problem: When i recieve an inbound call, my fusionpbx answers, and starts the on hold music. I would like for it to ONLY answer the call if there are some agents connected otherwise it need to send out a busy signal if there are no agents. Can someone here help me?
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    Call transfer not working

    Hi guys here i am again seeking health. I have about 10 people connected with gigaset voip phonse, either a510ip or 540ip. they cannot transfer the calls between them. Can i have some suggestions about stuff that i am missing?
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    Match each trunk alias to a destination SOLVED

    Hi, i have a sip trunk going from xxxx500 to xxx600 I have configured the gateway, the calls get in and out without problems, BUT, I want to make it so that if i call the 501 it goes to a specific call queue, if i call the 502 another etc. How can i do that? Even if i set it up correctly(i...
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    *22, *23 and co don't work anymore all of a sudden SOLVED

    I can't dial to any of these. I could just yesterday. I've also made a new install to test it and the result was.. does not work anymore. Can someone help me explain why? Turns out changing the default language is not a good idea
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    Make call center agent status reflect on operator panel SOLVED

    Hi! i am struggling setting this one up, can someone help me? Solved. This is how i expected to be helped: Create the extension Create or associate a user in the group agent Associate if you didn't do it previously the extension to the user Create the agent Associate the agent with both the...
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    Outbound calls won't work Solved

    Every time i dial up an outbound number from any extension the log looks like a crazy fest of regex errors... can someone help me? is there like a secret code do i have to use for send one? Dialplan for Eutelia/clouditalia outbound: ^(\d{9,17})$