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  1. Matthew Main

    Fail2ban blocking outbound trunk

    Hey guys anyone ever had an issue with fail2ban and iptables auto blocking the ips for a gateway? i use Simwood and all gateways point to It seems to be getting flagged so i cant ping the dns entries or there direct ips until fail2ban is off and iptables rules have been cleared...
  2. Matthew Main

    Stopping Replication

    Hey guys, I have a 2 node DigiDaz cluster running, i need to stop replication and remove node 2, I have been looking at the standard bdr commands that i guess run under psql but there not working, can anyone point me in the right direction KR Matt
  3. Matthew Main

    Touch Less Provision

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to get a T21P E2 to boot a config from a tftp and I am struggling. Im using a RPI as TFTP server, Mikrotik RB3011 DHCP Option 66 set and point to IP of TFTP server and set in network. What I would like to achieve is the phone grabs Provisioning url and creds for...
  4. Matthew Main

    Fail Over

    Hi Guys, Had an interesting one a few days ago and trying to work out if having a cluster is really needed. I had a friends server fall over due to disk full, I do not maintain it, he wont pay for it so i just fix it when it breaks, the database crashed, but the phones did not fail over, i can...
  5. Matthew Main

    Voicemail to email

    Having a strange one and need opinions SMTP -> FROM SERVER: SMTP -> FROM SERVER: SMTP -> ERROR: EHLO not accepted from server: SMTP -> FROM SERVER: SMTP -> ERROR: HELO not accepted from server: SMTP -> NOTICE: EOF caught while checking if connectedThe following From address failed...
  6. Matthew Main

    Constant Calls from 99 or 1000

    Hi guys i am getting calls from 99 or 1000 nothing is showing on the server. and no ext on the domain that match any ideas? kind regards Matt
  7. Matthew Main

    Inbound and Outbound Routes

    Hi Guys, little bit of an odd one and wondered if anyone had a solution a few of my clients use bria and as such many of the contacts on there phone are stored as +E164 so unless you have a E164 dial express on an outbound route the calls fail, this can be resolved by editing the contact on...
  8. Matthew Main

    Call Condition

    Hi guys, I know about time conditions but i was wondering if there was a way of doing a Status Condition. at the moment in asterisk, the client can dial a feature code and the condition is set so on ext in use/ on the calls are routed to voice mail, when Ext is not in use / off calls are...
  9. Matthew Main

    Registration issue

    Hi guys having an interesting issue with registering a headset. Using a Three 4g service, i cant get an Linksys SPA942 to register, but change the sim to a vodafone or o2 and it will register. initial thoughts where dam three are service blocking. Set up a Snom 821 with the same account creds...
  10. Matthew Main

    IVR Not Working

    Hi All having in issue where i have built an IVR, The audio file plays but hen you hit a key to select a option nothing is happening, almost like DTMF was switched off and then the menu hangs up once it has finished playing the audio file Any ideas Kind Regards Matt
  11. Matthew Main

    Turn Off Active Call Recording

    Hi Guys, Need a little help, I need a feature code to turn off call recording during a call and also re-enable call recording during a call. Can anyone help? This is due to a client taking Credit Card numbers over the phone. We need to stop the recording during that time and then record once...
  12. Matthew Main

    Hi All

    Hi all, My name is Matt and i would class myself as a noob, I have just over 1 yr experience as a sys admin with asterisk. I was made redundant a few months back but i am now freelancing for the same company, I have started a journey with fusion and i am building what i can, I would like to be...