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  1. EasyBB

    But the phone doesn't register.

    Which router do you use for the phones? Is SIP ALG turned off? What sort of broadband connection do you use?
  2. EasyBB

    Outbound routes not work

    @develop90 please post a screenshot of your outbound route and the number you are trying to call.
  3. EasyBB

    SOLVED 100 Number Block Inbound Route

    Once the call is "transferred", it will not come back to the dial plan block. I haven't tested this but try execute_extension instead of the first transfer and see what happens.
  4. EasyBB

    Call flow

    Again, I haven't tested this:
  5. EasyBB

    Call flow

    I haven't tested this; just thinking loud... Add condition USER_BUSY on inbound route and create action and anti-action?
  6. EasyBB

    Re-write outbound number

    $1, $2 etc are inline captured group from the regex match. If you have a regex ^(ab)(cd)$ then $0 = abcd The whole matched string $1 = ab matched string inside first parenthesis/group $2 = cd matched string inside second parenthesis/group You can also do named capture groups which is...
  7. EasyBB

    Limit Channels for a Domain

    Not sure if you've come across this in your searches:
  8. EasyBB

    Change outbound caller number

    Please take a look at email.lua at Advanced-> Script Editor. There is a usage example shown in the file. If you are stuck post back with the issue. I hope you mean Advanced->Default Settings->Email
  9. EasyBB

    Change outbound caller number

    I use 2 or 3 providers per outbound route. Out of these providers the last one is usually most reliable but most expensive; so I add that provider as the last one. When other providers fail for whatever reason, calls fail-over to the next provider and the email line is triggered before invoking...
  10. EasyBB

    Change outbound caller number

    Depending on the provider, you have to a few things to get this going. Some providers are ok with the effective_caller_id whereas some others expect sip_from_uri Please note I use this to allow multiple providers for fail-over. Normally you...
  11. EasyBB

    Ring Group - Caller ID Name Prefix (Solved)

    Once enabled, log out of Fusion and log back in.....
  12. EasyBB

    Ring Group - Caller ID Name Prefix (Solved)

    You need to enable the permission under Advanced-> Group Manager->Select permissions for the group->look under ring Group
  13. EasyBB

    Polycom Soundpoint IP450

    Yes, but I use full split provisioning files along with a modified /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/fusionpbx file.
  14. EasyBB

    FusionPBX within VPN and NAT setting for RTP audio

    I am not sure this would be of any help:
  15. EasyBB

    SOLVED International Calling

    There's no problem with the regex I gave you. Remove all extra gateways from the dial plan block leaving just Skyetel. Turn siptrace on in fs_cli and post log to pastebin. There's a special pastebin for FreeSWITCH log with syntax highlighting: Do you know your...
  16. EasyBB

    SOLVED International Calling

    There's something weird going on with your dial plan. Can you pastebin a call log and post the link here? Please sanitise the log before posting. It is best to use a good text editor (eg Notepad++) and do a replace all to substitute the string you wish to sanitise. Please don't go over the top...
  17. EasyBB

    SOLVED International Calling

    Ok so here it goes..... Your matching condition should be ^(?:011|00|\+)(49\d{8,})$ Then on bridge, prefix the inline captured group $1 with 011 which will become 011$1 This will enable your in-laws to dial in any of these formats: 01149x 0049x +49x (dialing from a smart phone client) It...