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  1. Andrew Pickett

    Moving CDR records

    Hi All Looking for the best starting point for this. We host around 8 Fusionpbx clustered servers in various VPS. Its just been the nature of how we have started up that its ended up this way (Heavy influenced from our SIP provider) We now have a way to bring all our SIP together so im now...
  2. Andrew Pickett

    LetsEncrypt Dehydrated

    Hi All This is related to dehydrated that available from the fusion resource folder. Makes life very easy and i secured my first domain easily. However - My box has multiple domains - With cerbot the tuturial provided by Mark i presume works wonderfully! How do i secure multiple domains with...
  3. Andrew Pickett

    Moving the call Recording Location

    Hi I have attempted to move the call recirding location by using sym links but the issue is this just creates 2 recirdings and this still needs to happen to create a recording in the original location /var/lib/freeswitch/recordings/archive so that i can listen to callr through the GUI. Im...
  4. Andrew Pickett

    Test Call from New providor SBC

    This ones a little different. We are working with a new to Sip providor. They are sending us a test invite but i cant even see it hit our side this is what they have sent us but im reaching out for wisdom please. Is there invite correct for us to pickup the call. Ive **** ome of the details...
  5. Andrew Pickett

    Fusion 4.4 => 4.4.1 upgrade

    Hi All im having issues upgrading my fusion box from 4.4 to 4.4.1 This upgrade patches a few bugs but cant get it to take. I get this error Even if i paste in a default version of template.php and save it still brings this error. My changes were just a code snippet for a chat widget. Any...
  6. Andrew Pickett


    Does Hotdesking exist in Fusion and if so please can someone help point me in the right direction to get started? The doucmentation throws an error page when you click the link Kind Regards Andy
  7. Andrew Pickett

    7 min 29 Sec inbound call Cutoff

    Hi All We are losing all calls from our providor at 7mins 29 seconds. In SNGREP and the CDR we have the message Reason: Q.850;cause=96;text="MANDATORY_IE_MISSING" Any pointers would be amazing. Kind Regards Andy
  8. Andrew Pickett

    Bad Request 502 error on all but 1 domain

    Hi All I have an issue where all the domains after the first one i built are returning a 502 error when i navigate to them Ive tailed the error log and when i hit one of the domains i get the below - Ive used @@@ to cover domain and IP. Anyone any ideas. Like i said i can navigate to my...
  9. Andrew Pickett

    Outbound Calling Issues with new providor

    Hi All I have a new Sip providor and i have regestered the trunk and can take inbound calls no issue. With out bound i have changed the route so that traffic should go out over the new providor. Calls drop immediatly with busy tone. In SNGREP the call shows as Busy In FS_CLI is gives me this...
  10. Andrew Pickett

    Sip trunk Rotation

    I have a specific Trunk Group that I like to rotate. There will be 15 Registrations to 15 different Gateways. I would like an Outbound Route where Gateway 1 selected when the 1st call is made, Gateway 2 is used when 2nd call is made, Gateway 3 is used when the 3rd call is made and Gateway 4 is...
  11. Andrew Pickett

    Attended transfers not showing up on Operator Panel - Softphone - Microsip

    Hi All Im using microsip in one of my clients. When we do an attended transfer (In Microsip softphone) the operator panel does not show the live call on the user once the transfer is complete. (It doesent matter what device or softphone we send the call to) Is there somthing Microsip needs...
  12. Andrew Pickett

    Conference Center "Record" announcement

    Hi All Is there anyway to enable conference recording but not play the "recording has started" msg when its enabled. I was thinking i could mask the default sound but cannot find the location or identify the file. Thankyou in advance. Andrew
  13. Andrew Pickett

    Call Waiting

    Is there anyway to simulate call waiting in the dial plan without effect ability of using attended transfer features. Thanks in advance Andy
  14. Andrew Pickett

    DNS Svr Records and Fusion Domains

    Hi Ive follwed through the BDR and CYNC tuorials (With ease) to create a Fusion Cluster of 2 servers. Ive also installed the BDR app which i found in GITHUB which gives me an easy basic output for the replication. To complete the failover im trying to workout how best to add the server...
  15. Andrew Pickett

    Fusion 4.4

    Hi I have installed 4.3 to test. Just wondering when it will go stable (to 4.4) - does anyone know. Also can I use 4.3 in production or is it liable to issues. Thanks Andy
  16. Andrew Pickett

    Microsoft AD LDAP Intergration

    Hi Im looking for a way to intergrate Microsoft AD - Only need at a basic level so that users can be created via the AD. I have seen hints of an LDAP plugin but could do with a stear. Kind Regards Andy
  17. Andrew Pickett

    Cisco TFTP over WAN

    We need to provision Cisco 7940 ( not my choice but a client has 600 of the things) I can't however get the phones to provision. I have option 66 set to the fusion server and they pickup a config file but then don't register etc. Any ideas or if someone can lay down the process. Kind Regards...
  18. Andrew Pickett

    TFTP Provisioning

    Hi All Im crying out for help in regards to TFTP prov. I have installed tftp and then activated in Fusion. When i add the settings in the phone it doesent even connect to the server. Can someone help me walkthrough this please - ( I have tried using the guide) Kind Regards Andy
  19. Andrew Pickett

    Pause / Start Call recording

    Hi All Please help - I need to add a feature code to pause and start call recordings ( or Mask ) can someone help from scratch? Thanks Andy
  20. Andrew Pickett

    Obsessed with Fusion

    Hi Everyone This is a fantastic product. Simply cant put it down. Im also putting it in production in the UK and Ireland. Had a few session with Mark Crane and didn’t take much for me to throw Asterisk in the bin (No offence intended) Looking for any wisdom that can be passed on and...