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  1. zenvoip

    Sip Trunk Provider

    I am looking for wholesale sip provider in Colombia for client.. Thanks
  2. zenvoip

    Voip Innovations- Outbound

    I am using Skyetel and Voip Innovations as well. I have no issues with inbound call with voip innovations. I am having issues with outbound calls going out please.
  3. zenvoip

    Snom 765

    I am not able to get Snom765 register correctly on Fusionpbx. It shows it registered, but no dailing out you can into the phone no audio.
  4. zenvoip

    New FusionPBX

    Hi My name is Mike, we have been doing premise pbx for 6 years have been looking for good stable product. I look forward learning and helping anyone who need it.