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  1. EasyBB

    Extension monitoring script- Default and Multi-Tenant

    Though I don't have any use for this script now, I know some of you have customers registering from multiple locations back to your Fusion box. The script requires that you add extensions you want to monitor. You'll only need one or two extensions per location added to the script. If you enter...
  2. EasyBB

    Script - Snom phone Action URL to FusionPBX Caller ID

    I use this script to gather caller id information from my colleagues. This script is written to work with Snom phones but can be modified to suit any phone that can hit an http url when certain events happen on the phone. I use Snom's "Incoming Call/ On Connected" Action URL field to fire this...
  3. EasyBB

    Gateway failure alert script for Debian 8

    When something goes wrong with your provider (server issues, DNS issues etc), the corresponding gateway in FusionPBX fails and you won't probably notice this for a while until someone contacts you through other means. This has happened to me on many occasions, so I wrote this script to check...
  4. EasyBB

    Voicemail MWI not working

    I am unable to get MWI working on my Cubox. Everything is up to date and I matched all settings from a working server for internal sip profile. There are no NOTIFY packets in cli after I leave a voicemail. I've had this working on my previous install FP 3.9 and FS 1.4 on the same Cubox...
  5. EasyBB


    If you want to use them and have an authorised CID, you'll need to do something like this in outbound route:
  6. EasyBB

    Caller ID Lookup (cidlookup) from Contacts.

    Time and time again those who are new to FusionPBX find it difficult to get cidlookup working from their contact list. Inbound Route: Now navigate to Advanced > XML Editor > autoload_configs > cidlookup.conf.xml and modify existing lines with these: <!--<param name="odbc-dsn"...
  7. EasyBB

    iinet Australia

    Gateway Settings: Outbound Route Settings:
  8. EasyBB

    FusionPBX Add-on

    It would be nice to have a section to discuss about and post Add-ons (especially the custom ones) for FusionPBX. Cheers, EasyBB (GP-S)