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    Call Back from Voice mail {Caller-ID}

    Hi there is an option to call back from within the Voicemail and the system will connect you to the person who left the voice mail, sometimes my users call in from the cellphone to listen to VM when they do the call back option the called party will see thier cell phone callerID how can i...
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    Mobile web access to portal

    Hi I upgraded my server to the latest version today 4.5.8 and the mobile web access to the portal broke Anyone has the same problem?
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    Voicemail Greeting

    Hi when a user reaches a voicemail box there is a recording that says "please leave a message after the tone and press any key to end the recording or hang up " is there a way to remove that recording ?
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    Call rings twice on the phone

    I did an upgrade from ver 4.4 to the master latest version, user are reporting that now instead of the call going to voice mail after the timeout period (30 seconds) it will show on the phone a missed call but right away start ringing again for another 30 seconds before it goes to VM anyone?
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    Local extension as a page not as a call

    Hi I have a use case where they want that every local extension call should be a page and not a call Any ideas how I can build such a dial plan?
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    Call hangup

    Hi since i did an upgrade from 4.2 to 4.4 any calls that the caller will hang up if the users are on speaker or headset the call stays active untill they press end this is really effecting us in call center as the system thinks that the call is still active and its not sending the next call...
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    Call Center does not hang up

    Hi since i did an upgrade from fusion Ver. 4.2 FS ver 1.6 to Fusion 4.4 and FS 1.8 when a call comes into the call center and the caller hangs up it will not disconnect the call on the fusion end untill they hang up the call in callcenter many users have a headset so they are not used to...
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    SIP Profile crashed cant start it

    this is the error i got when i start it 2019-03-11 09:02:02.359870 [ERR] sofia.c:3228 Error Creating SIP UA for profile: internal (sip:mod_sofia@207.148.17.xx:5060;maddr=;transport=udp,tcp) ATTEMPT 1 (RETRY IN 5 SEC) 2019-03-11 09:02:07.359880 [ERR] sofia.c:3228 Error Creating SIP...
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    SOLVED Lost access after upgrade

    HI i am on the master ver i did last night an update and i lost access this is how my home page looks like and if i try to put in any direct URL i am getting access denied and yes i updates the premision to www-data
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    Fax server TimeZoe

    Good afternoon in the Datebase when i look on the "v_fax_files table the time for each record is on UTC time, now when a uses logs into the portal to see his faxes the time will also display UTC what is the nest approach to change this to EST time zone
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    Screen pop up application

    Hi Can anyone point me to a screen pop program ? A program that will open a browser with a url + caller I’d number
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    Effective_Caller_ID_Name set to Dialed name?

    we have 2 users Sam 101 Susan 102 now when Sam (101) dials 102 he will see on his screen "calling 102" in many other system that i worked with when a user dials an internal call the screen will display "Susan 102" any ideas or hint how to go about it with FusionPBX
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    Polycom SIP TLS

    Hi I have a wildcard ssl cert installed and all my yealink phones work well with tls however the polycom phones don’t work Was anyone here successfull with polycom tls in a multi domain?
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    FolloME outbound route

    Hi I have over 200 follow me on my server. I created a new outbound route for all calls. However the follow me is still using the old route How can I fix this?
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    VoiceMail Var not working

    Good Morning i am trying to remove that before we listen to a VM the system should not announce the date and time.callerID so i add it this 2 variables to the system vm_say_caller_id_number = false vm_say_date_time = flase the system is still announcing it what i am missing. do i need to...
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    Fail2Ban very high CPU

    i have a VM with 4Vcore and 8GB RAM off hours the machine works fine, during Business hours i noticed my machine using over %100 CPU, i was monitoring the machine today and noticed that Fail2ban is going crazy on the machine using %100 of the CPU any ideas?
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    Testing latest Ver. Fax not working

    Good Morning i did a fresh install in order to test the lastest Ver before doing the upgrade when i try to test the FAX server i am getting this error curl -k <br /> <b>Fatal error</b>: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function...
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    BLF on yealink T48 issues

    i am using the Fusion PBX to provision my phones as soon as i add BLF to the phones they keep getting a msg on the phone offline no service and they cant use the phone i can find anything in the Fusion LOGS this is a screen shot of how its set up
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    Email-to-Fax under Fax server

    HI i am trying for a few days but with no success to configure the Email-to-Fax, did anyone had sucses with this?
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    Call Center, Call waiting

    i have set up a ring all for my call center, if all the agents are on the line i want them to get a call waiting on the phones in freepbx there was an option if the phone will ring to busy agents wondering how its with fusion