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    limit phone usage for an extension

    The Extensions for this domain are 3 digit extensions. I created a local gateway and added a route for the 3 digits under the local GW. In the local route I named the toll Local. I know I would still need to add another route specific for 911. I then tested my extension and was still able to...
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    limit phone usage for an extension

    I have several domains on this box and this particular domain has about 25 extensions. If I set the condition to ${toll_allow} Outbound on my Global Outbound route, then no one can make calls except if I add Outbound to each extension. Is there a way to that I can only change one extension? So...
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    limit phone usage for an extension

    I found this online, but it does not seem to work. What am I missing? The extensions are three digit extensions starting with 2XX.
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    limit phone usage for an extension

    Hello, I have an extension that is in a common area. We would like to limit that extension to only internal dialing and 911. Not sure how to do this. Could someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks,
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    FusionPBX Web Portal Security

    Fail2ban was replaced with Eventguard a while back.
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    FusionPBX Web Portal Security

    I have been running FusionPBX for a while now with no issues, but the webportal has been locked down to external access. I have public SIP access for registration frontened by a kamailio server from there it forwards registration to FusionPBX. So FusionPBX has no External access at this point...
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    SMS Calendar

    I have a client that wants a to make a companywide calendar where they can add their clients appointement. Then have an SMS sent to their clients a reminder of their upcomming appts. Does FusionPBX have something like this? If not any suggestions on a third party company that does this?
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    transfer VM's to a new server

    I am moving a single domain server to a domain on a multi-tenant server. I have copied the vm's over from /var/lib/freeswitch/storage/voicemail/ to the correct domain on the new server. I see the files there via ssh, but the GUI is not seeing them. I have chmod 750 the files (which the...
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    fusionpbx with edgemarc

    I have a client with several phones and they have an edgemarc onsite. The fusionpbx box is hosted on a cloud provider remotely. Has anyone confgured an edgemarc with FusionPBX that can share a sample config or point me in the right direction? How would this work? Would the phones register...
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    Inbound route changes from destination_number to sip_to_user for domain

    I have a multi-tenant setup. The FusionPBX version is 5.0.6 running on Debian 11. The OS and FusionPbx are fully updated. All of my domains are setup to use destination_number in the inbound route. One of the domains when I modify the inbound route dial plan transfer extension from one...
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    Fax Server fax not showing up in gui inbox

    That seemed to have worked. Thx. I guess somehow the cronjob got removed at one point.
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    Fax Server fax not showing up in gui inbox

    I have setup a fax server with a destination of my email address. The fax comes in and gets saved on the file system as a .tif (not a .pdf) in the inbox directory, but in the gui it does not show up in the inbox. Need help with the following: 1. automaticallly convert tif to pdf 2. Email...
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    Registration and Outbound calls from the same IP

    I am running a DsipRouter instance and using that as my public facing Registration as well as my outbound gateway. The problem is that I have to set a domain ACL for the DSIProuter_LAN's IP for the registration to work. When I do this my phones from the internet register without any issues and...
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    IP Authentication not working

    Found my issue. I forgot to add the domain to the ACL. Once I did that issue was resolved.
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    IP Authentication not working

    I have an old analog cisco router. This is used as a TDM handoff. The router is behind a NAT and the FusionPBX is in the cloud. The port forwading rules are in place so that FusionPBX can talk to the cisco router. I have created a bridge and inbound is working with two way audio. The...
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    redirect incomming call to CiscoIAD

    Issue resolved. It was a typo on my part. I just couldnt figure out how to delete this post.
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    redirect incomming call to CiscoIAD

    I have an analog Cisco IAD that I need to redirect a phone number to. The fusionpbx is hosted on the cloud and the IAD is at colo. I have created a destination for that DID which points to a bridge with the following: "sofia/external/sip:$1@<public_IP>:5060" When I dial the number from my...
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    password reset with multiple domains

    I am locked out of the admin account on a box that is running multiple domains. I know that I can reset the password by renaming the config.php file getting the DB password and recreating it. My question is would this affect other sub accounts and or any configs currently on the system?
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    timezone per domain

    Hello, I am running a multi-tenant FusionPBX. Most of the tenants ie domain are in the same timezone. I recently got a new client that is in a different timezone. Is there a way to specify the timezone for just that domain? I have checked and cant seem any way of doing this.
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    Homer setup for monitoring

    Hello, I think I am going to stick to Homer. I know it will be an overkill for this, but could use it for other stuff later on. I am Homer on a separate box. I have installed the agent on the fusionpbx server. How do I point the FusionPBX server to the Homer server? I guess I am missing...