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    documentation...just a topic heading?

    I'd love to find some actual concise documentation for fusionpbx. Anything exist out there?
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    NGinx 502 Bad Gateway error when clicking on upgrade

    Thanks for the response. CentOS is my flavor of choice. Perfectly capable of doing my own testing and getting past issues that are distribution based. Not looking like I'll be going this route anyways. May try and have a look at this product again in the future if some things change for the...
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    NGinx 502 Bad Gateway error when clicking on upgrade

    Good morning, I searched this in the forum but did not find reference to it so I am making a post for others should they find it helpful. I am running a fresh install of FusionPBX : 4.2.3 Git Information Branch: 4.2 Commit: 61d2cca7921e4eaaac11377bad220cc0a03ffa65 Origin...
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    Hello FusionPBX Community

    My name is Matt and I have been active in the Asterisk/FreePBX world for quite some time. I have worked with startup ITSP companies getting them running via Asterisk as well as virtualized Trixbox/FreePBX solutions since 2008 and a general IT consultant/solutions provider and...