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    Hello guys! Does someone have experience with Grandstream HT814 ATA? I have a problem with it. It registers to FusionPBX, I can make outbound calls, but I can't make inbound calls. I see that FreeSWITCH is trying to call, but then got busy and I don't see the call from FS to the device via...
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    HA FreeSWITCH two nodes Amazon

    Hello! I have such schematic: Kamailio (dispatching) - FusionPBX1, FusionPBX2 - EFS (shared configs, cashe) - RTPEngine - RDS (PSQL) and also NGINX server for the FusionPBX web load balancing. Each FusionPBX server has 1 internal IP address that is used for communication with Kamailio for SIP...
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    Polycom firmware update

    Hello! I have a Polycom SoundPoint IP450. And I want to upgrade firmware from the FusionPBX server. What I have done: Downloaded the firmware, put it to /var/www/fusionpbx/app/polycom/resources/firmware/4.0.15/, changed the owner to www-data, and checked that I can get those files via the...
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    Experimenting with a full load-sharing cluster

    I don't have issues with CDR and call dropping from pstn network. Everything works. I just wonder what causes such an error, maybe FreeSWICTH wasn't configured correctly to work with the database.
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    Move FS database to external server

    Hello, guys! I wanted to ask you about the proper way to move the FreeSWITCH database to the external server. I use Postgres. I changed the config according to this post: And also here is my configs...
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    Experimenting with a full load-sharing cluster

    Actually, I think I found the problem. I enabled query log at Postgresql server, made some calls and I don't see the query from the fs_cli: 2021-03-18 19:56:44.283438 [NOTICE] switch_cpp.cpp:1447 [xml_handler] SQL: SELECT hostname FROM registrations WHERE reg_user = :reg_user AND realm =...
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    Experimenting with a full load-sharing cluster

    . Hello. I have the same error at this setup. This error "generates" a script (path for Debian system): /usr/share/freeswitch/scripts/app/xml_handler/resources/scripts/directory/directory.lua I change the NOW() function to ":ts" and added "ts" variable to the script also (ts =...
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    Provision Editor? permissions...yeah, my bad. Sorry for the disinformation.
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    Provision Editor?

    If you don't have access to the CLI, you can try to run Advanced -> Upgrade -> Permissions Default to "Reset the permissions on the fusionpbx directory tree." as it told here -
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    Table fusionpbx.registrations

    Forgot to say: I have done all of this from , double-checked )
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    Table fusionpbx.registrations

    Hello! I configured FusionPBX according to this thread - I'm calling to the extension 306, domain - fortest Now I have an issue with the calls. In the fs_cli I see the error: [ERR] switch_core_sqldb.c:1369 SQL...
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    /var/cache : which is the better way to handle it on HA scenario?

    What way to work with cache in a "cluster mode" can you recommend?
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    SOLVED fusionpbx.registrations table

    I found the reason of such behavior. In this article, there is such variable: dsn: Telling FS to use PGSQL as its core DB And at one datacenter I put into this variable dbname=freeswitch, at another one -...
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    SOLVED fusionpbx.registrations table

    I either don't understand how it happened, but it is a very useful bug/feature. I even wanted to use it in my script )) But I will use table freeswitch.registrations instead, cause it works at two of my databases.
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    SOLVED fusionpbx.registrations table

    Thanks for the reply. Seems I have a unique install :) So, what I have done: 0) My schematic is: Kamailio server - FusionPBX1 server - FusionPBX2 server - RTPEngine server - DB (PSQL for all) - NGINX server for HTTP\HTTPS FusionPBX web-page balancer. FusionPBX-cluster made by this article -...
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    SOLVED fusionpbx.registrations table

    Hello guys! I have two separate instances with FusionPBX with the same version - 4.5.19 at Debian 10, PostgreSQL. I have some strange things with the databases. At one database-server I have tables - fusionpbx.registrations and freeswitch.registrations. At another DB instance, I have only...
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    Display local and external extension's IP

    Hello! I set up Kamailio to act as a proxy server with load balancing for FusionPBX instances. It works fine, but I have an issue. Now in the Status -> Registrations, I see the external IP of the extension, Kamailio local IP, FusionPBX hostname (see the screenshot). Without Kamailio, I can see...
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    SOLVED Fax attachment and LibreOffice

    Hello, Metcom. I posted a thread with a question about email to fax. I installed: "libreoffice libreoffice-base libreoffice-common libreoffice-java-common", and added at Default Settings --> Fax --> allowed_extension .txt, .doc --> Reload. And now I can send a fax with .txt or .doc documents...
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    SOLVED Adding custom SIP headers to outbound calls

    Hello! <action application="set" data="sip_h_X-Answer=42"/> I attached an example how I added the SIP header "X-To-Vendor"