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    DST a Week Early

    Thank you so much, Just for anyone else, Domain Defaults - yealink_dst_type = 1 - yealink_summer_time = 1 Can be added under device individually or profile then assigned to device. - yealink_time_zone_start_time = 3/5/7/1:0 - yealink_time_zone_end_time = 10/5/7/2:0 Assuming this happened...
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    Yealink DST issue this month UK

    Hi Support, we use the below config which is programmed via FusionPBX but some phones have auto DST set to 4th week for DST london but it needs to be the last. We use various yealinks. Some are showing correct like T40G T40G Correct T41S shows forth week which causes a problem in leap...
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    WebPhone for FusionPBX.

    they got rid of the old app which supported the barcode. No longer available in the stores.
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    Inter tenant calls

    Hi, Need some support, we use UK BT SIP trunk. We have noticed a strange issue in which calls between tenants on the same PBX cause the CLI to be shortened to the last 4 digits of the CLI This is happening across all tenants. Has anyone seen this,
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    Microsoft Mail Server

    dont bother, use SMTP2GO, much easier.
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    What happened to GSwave?

    we are using paid ringotel, really good.
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    BT Sip Trunk

    Not sure where invite rule is. Will check later.
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    Registrations dropping intermittently

    Hi All, We have fusion with a Freeswitch SBC in front of it. We have many clients all using PFsense and have no issues but one of our tenants has 18 phones and they have random registration drop issues and I can seem to solve it. I have tried the below switching to TCP from UDP and reducing...
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    BT Sip Trunk

    let me know if you need the dial plan as well, that was a ball ache as well
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    BT Sip Trunk

    I had to pay someone to get it to work for us, enjoy Trunk Details Fusion gateway setting Registrar Server From Domain & From Proxy OutboundProxy register proxy and outbound proxy AuthenticationID From user AuthenticationPassword password 3Way Auth Password username MainTrunk...
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    Multi-tenant comparison

    Hi all. Thought this thread would be useful. So just some background. I run a MSP and we use a lot of closed source pbx systems such as 3cx and other closed source systems backend being Mitel. We are looking to move all of this in house to a MT system so it's easier to support for my engineers...
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    Support with FusionPBX

    Hi, I have setup FusionPBX, I just need some help with the below. Happy to pay up $150 per hour. -Configure BT HSIP trunk, I have a working config on 3CX but am struggling to set the same SIP trunk up on FusionPBX -Help configuring inbound, outbound rules, IVR (basic, i can figure the rest...