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    Outgoing calls route Time and day

    We've added a Time Zone table based on Area Code to our instance which covers Canada and the US. We call al lua script (timezone.lua) when the toll_allow "timezone" is present on the user's extension. We did this because we wanted to be able to control by Area Code within each Time Zone. If the...
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    SOLVED Resetting Call Center Agent Statistics regularly (every night?)

    We run a nightly script that resets all Call Centers. Happy to share if you are still interested in something automated?
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    No recorded call after extension-to-extension transfer

    I'm hoping someone may have experienced this already and knows how to remedy it... here's my example: Extension 123 places an outbound call to 4165551212 4165551212 answers the call and speaks with Ext 123 Ext 123 then initiates a 3-way call by adding in Ext 456 Ext 123 is now connected with...
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    Number translation

    You will need to create 2 Outbound Routes because you will need to reference 2 destination_number conditions: ^0?(\d{10})$ This one will accept both of the following and strip the leading zero 2238222826 02238222826 ^0?(\d{11})$ This one will accept both of the following and strip the...
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    Who is calling me?

    You can use the CID Name Prefix option in the Ring Group you have set up. All calls to the Ring Group will have the prefix displayed on screen with the Caller ID info, but calls direct to the bookkeeper will not. Example attached...
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    Inbound Routing based on Area Code

    Hoping someone may implemented something like this already... I want to be able to direct calls to specific Call Centre Queues based on the Caller's Area Code. e.g., > A call comes in to Destination 416-555-1212 from caller 514-555-1212 and it gets passed to Call Centre Queue CCQ_01 because...
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    enable/disable/record outage mesage to be played before IVR from any phone

    You should look at putting a Call Flow in place. You can then use a Feature Code to easily Activate/Deactivate it. Once you create the Call Flow, have your Inbound Destination pointed to the Call Flow as the Action. Let me know if you need more info or any assistance. Happy to help.
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    Hello from Victoria, Australia

    Hi Summer, If you are experiencing call drop at 3:20 try switching the Transport from UDP to TCP (or TCP to UDP - whichever is the reverse). We've seen this in the past and that resolved the issue for us.
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    Looking for UK sip supplier suggestion

    In that case, my company offers SIP trunks for UK termination. I'd be happy to set you up with a test trunk to try us out. We allow for you to control CLI through the PBX.
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    Looking for UK sip supplier suggestion

    You could use a single Gateway, then set up an Outbound Route for each customer with the Toll Allow feature enabled. Would give you control over the CLI as well as the Outbound permission for each customer.
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    regex - how to get the syntax correct

    I use this link to do tests on my regex... The Table tab at the bottom shows you what your input gets replaced with to confirm you're passing what you expected to pass to the gateway.
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    4 digit call

    In your Outbound Dialplan (image 1)add: Tag = condition Type = ${toll_allow} Data = Outbound You can make it any word you want, we just used international for our rule In each Extension (image 2) you would then enter the word you used (again, ours is the word Outbound) for the Extensions you...
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    4 digit call

    Would it help you if I were to provide some screen shots of how we set it up?
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    Secretarial numbers.

    You could accomplish this with a custom dialplan rule for the extension that redirects to the secretary's extension any time the manager's extension is dialed. The secretary would just need their own custom diaplan for dialing 606 or their calls will get redirected back to them. Essentially...
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    4 digit call

    We have used the "toll_allow" condition to the Outbound dialplan to accomplish this. By adding a toll_allow condition to your dialplan, and then having the corresponding "Toll Allow" reference on your extensions, you can prevent outbound calls from the PBX, but still allow...
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    Call center softphones?

    We have a soft phone app we've created that does all of the regular desktop functions. Registers using a MAC address as well to keep install simple for end users. Let me know if you're interested in more info.
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    eavesdrop specific extention only

    I believe it will do that if no active call is taking place.
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    eavesdrop specific extention only

    Here’s my complete dialplan for this... I added the stop_record_session action to prevent the person eavesdropping from being added to the recording of the call they are eavesdropping on. Let me know if this helps :)
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    eavesdrop specific extention only

    I use the following within the eavesdrop dialplan to prevent access to specific extensions... destination_number ^\*33(?!525)(\d{3,4})$ In this example the ?! before the extension number 525 prevents permission to 525. If you have multiple extensions just add those references...
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    Outnound Route Not Working

    Are you able to post a screen shot of the Outbound Route you have created?