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    SMS setup with Twilio

    Can anyone guide me how to setup Twilio SMS with fusionPBX ? From where i will get the Api access key and Secret Key ?. SMS is working fine with Telnyx. Now adding Twilio. Thanks in Advance
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    SMS App Issue

    I am getting the below error when opening the SMS app. Any help ? Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[22P02]: Invalid text representation: 7 ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bigint: "" in /var/www/fusionpbx/app/sms/sms.php:102 Stack trace: #0...
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    Dashboard call counters missing data

    My dashboard counters became zero suddenly for multiple domains . it works only for a single domain. Calls are logged in CDR correctly , how to troubleshoot ?
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    Pickup a call from Queue waiting.

    Hi, Is there any way to pickup a call from Queue waiting ? can i assign a BLF for that if possible ? Thanks
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    Ring Group + Conference

    Hello, I am trying a feature like Phone A place a call to a ring group and Phone B, Phone C and Phone D rings. any of the Phone can answer the call and they will be joined to a conference. other phones shouldn't stop ringing if any of the phone got answered. other phones also should be able to...
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    EMAIL to FAX not working

    Fixed, Mailbox Folder was wrong
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    EMAIL to FAX not working

    I have setup IMAP settings correctly and send mail to with correct subject tag but fusion Doesn't grab the mail to send fax added below cron as well * * * * * php /var/www/fusionpbx/app/fax/fax_emails.php nothing happens when I run # php /var/www/fusionpbx/app/fax/fax_emails.php how do I...
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    Update database table

    Thanks, That worked with SSH tunneling
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    Update database table

    Good idea. How do you connect DB with dbeaver ?
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    Update database table

    resolved with below. UPDATE v_fax SET fax_email_connection_host = REPLACE (fax_email_connection_host,'','');
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    Update database table

    I have multiple fax server's settings with incorrect server address. how can I replace all with a database query ? for example, change server address from to Thanks
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    Hi Did you sorted out SMS issue ?

    Hi Did you sorted out SMS issue ?
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    Inbound SMS not working with new update

    Outbound SMS works fine with Telnyx For inbound SMS, I am able to see incoming API call at Web Hook URL - Telnyx (https://mydomain/app/sms/hook/sms_hook_telnyx.php) while checking in NGINX logs (/var/log/nginx/access.log). but I don't see incoming SMS under the SMS App MDRS. configuration...
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    SOLVED Inbound SMS Telnyx

    Broken with new update ?
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    SOLVED Inbound SMS Telnyx

    I have the same problem, Did you sorted it out ?
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    Fax Notification

    Hi, Did you run this ? cp /var/www/fusionpbx/app/fax_queue/resources/service/debian.service /etc/systemd/system/fax_queue.service systemctl enable fax_queue systemctl start fax_queue systemctl daemon-reload
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    403 Forbidden cannot identify reason

    Thank you. I just assume it could be the Contact header which is not the way the carrier required. The purpose of this fusionPBX is to bridge the carrier to a remote 3CX because the trunk cannot be configured on remote 3CX due to IP restrictions. I have managed the goal by connecting the...
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    403 Forbidden cannot identify reason

    Yes, The same Public IP and even the same Raspberry pi box.( I have managed to install both 3cx and fusionPBX on the same box. The issue was there before 3cx installation).
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    403 Forbidden cannot identify reason

    Thank you. The carrier cant help. me either cant figure out the difference.. as soon as this trunk configured on 3CX , outbound works. May be the extra fields on contact header ? or anything on SDP ? How do i modify the contact header ? This is how Wireshark diagram looks like for a 3cx...