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    Stop processing Outbound rules on fail - continue_on_fail

    Hi guys, I have a tenant with 5 outbound rules, based on prefix as condition and last one a global rule without condition (can't disable because of that) that I don't want to be processed if other rules went failed. By default, when an outbound rule is created, it set Continue as false, and I...
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    how to keep mobile sip phone app always registered?

    On common free apps, if you low register expiration/re-register to just 2 or 3 minutes, will maintain registered most of the time. Try that. On my experience some phones work better on TCP some other on UDP.
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    Automatic billing reports

    Like gflow mention, or directly query v_xml_cdr table on DB as you wish, then script whatever you need to send the report.
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    Unable to access django server on debian running FusionPBX

    Buddy, this has nothing to do with Fusionpbx. BTW, your issue is on iptables, you can see after save and running iptables -L, your rule opening port 8000 is not there. You should check if your are using netfilter-persistent, or you can add it manually on shell. But please, only fusionpbx topics...
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    HTTP auth password hacked for Grandstream phones?

    Hi guys, I use autoprovisioning GAPS from Grandstream. I set a server profile there to use fusionpbx by HTTPS with HTTP authentication, and set HTTP user/pass to let the devices be pointed to my fusionpbx server with HTTP credentials. Today I got a distributed attack form global IPs...
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    Upgrade Stretch 2 Bullseye - Fusion 4.5.26 - 5.01 - FS 1.10.6 - Your Opinion Matters

    btw, what postgresql verion/repo are you using? thanks!
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    Upgrade Stretch 2 Bullseye - Fusion 4.5.26 - 5.01 - FS 1.10.6 - Your Opinion Matters

    Will keep checking logs. We all know customers are like humans in the world.. each one different to each other, so just keep paying attention to possible use cases. If don't have a well monitored system, I will at least tailing freeswitch log file for error/warnings, checking linux logs too...
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    Feature codes to call block numbers (freepbx)

    Right, but that dialplan is the one to use as described on fusionpbx documentation. The fusionpbx module you need to user from the application menu. Not something to user dialing feature code, that will need to capture last received call number to be able to block. But don't know how to do that :(
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    Feature codes to call block numbers (freepbx)

    Hi, Wanted to know if could be possible to use (create) feature codes like Freepbx to handle call blocking numbers from telephone: Specifically this function: Dialing...
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    Hello from Peru

    Cheers dgxa! abrazo
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    Billing for FusionPBX

    If anyone interested and want to collaborate, please take a look at: Thanks!
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    Building Billing system looking to share

    Hi andycol, I went to the same road as you. Worked with nibblebill and mod_lcr. I'm in alpha too but have a proof of concept working doing LCR and Billing on same Fusionpbx. I already DM you, hope we can move forward together.
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    Python Script inside the FusionPBX IVR

    Don't knwo if already solved, but did you see mod_python on freeswitch? 2 links could help: I think you could prepare scripts and then be able to...
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    Billing solution for FusionPBX

    Hi albert-g, As you, I was in the same road time before. As you most probably you already saw different external billing solutions (astpp, pybilling, cgrates, Irontec's IVOZ and other), there are other approach on doing it on the same fusionpbx/FS box. I ended using a module for fusion that...
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    Time condition not working properly

    Hi Adrian, thx for reply, and sorry not to update. Yes I know about that, but was not that, but already solved. My issue was about the timezones definition file from FS is not updated properly. grep Buenos /etc/freeswitch/autoload_configs/timezones.conf.xml <zone...
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    Time condition not working properly

    Hey guys, sorry to bring this up, but I'm seeing same issue on F4.4.11 date on system is right cdr and others ok too, but time condition on one domain specifically is applying out of time by 1h. This domain has not a different timezone from default, amd postgresql using localtime, same as...
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    Selecting a VPS

    I was using for fusion for about 3 months with just light production traffic (beta testers clients :p). Testing BDR cluster fusion between two nodes. Everything was fine, not big issues, except I enabled automatic snapshots (as an extra quick restore...
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    Click to Call I dont get the point

    Not so perfect. You can find where is installed for .js files (or search for the source in internet), and it uses a couple of regex to parse digits. I think it doesn't handle well when number if between some characters like () or spaces or -. Don't remember well... But you could need to fix that...
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    Click to Call I dont get the point

    I use it and working ok. You just need to complete with your Fusion URL: https://domain.tld/ , your username@domain and password for Fusion WebGUI, and extension to send the call. Nothing else.
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    Kamailio/FusionPBX and Microsoft Direct Routing Integration

    Hey guys, checked that las link. And appear it's only a SIP trunk using TLS. Fusionpbx should do it the same isn't?