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    Push Notification Softphone Recommendations

    We use groundwire by Acrobits. 1 off cost for the app per device which I think is £9.99 on the App store
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    Migrate freeswitch from Package to Compile

    Hi All I want to upgrade some servers to Debian 12 but also as there is a bug in Freeswitch 1.10.10 & 1.10.11 with calls releasing I need to use the complied version to add the fix. Is there any instructions out there to convert from the old style package install of Freeswitch to the complied...
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    few calls get stuck on FusionPBX active calls monitoring

    Ok thanks Mark. Bit of a pain as just upgraded a box to Debian 11 and did the freeswitch update which took it to 1.10.11. I understand on git there is a fix for this but guessing I can't implement that either...
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    few calls get stuck on FusionPBX active calls monitoring

    Anyone know how to downgrade to 1.10.9 with the Debian apt-get version
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    Yealink Dect Crosstalk

    I have multiple boxes build and the one I moved it two is known good so ruled out and issue. I did also replaced the Yealink W70B base as well but the issues still remains. Starting to wonder if there is some sort of environmental issue causing it but who knows what that would be
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    Yealink Dect Crosstalk

    I have just moved the customer to an alternative pbx and it's still happening. I can't see anything in the logs that would suggest it's fusion doing anything unusual
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    Yealink Dect Crosstalk

    Happens on the same 2 handsets and both extension users hear it. Not sure about their customers at the other end though
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    Yealink Dect Crosstalk

    I am hoping someone may have a clue as to what's going on. We have a user with 1 Yealink base and 3 handsets all registered as different extension numbers. Randomly 2 of the calls merge together I though someone was pushing and holding the mute button on one of the handsets so disabled the...
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    Yealink DST issue this month UK

    Yer I seen this on the T46's this week. I have changed in provisioning to the last Sunday in March instead of the 4th. local_time.ntp_server1 = local_time.ntp_server2 = local_time.summer_time = 1 local_time.dst_time_type = 1 local_time.start_time = 3/5/7/1:0
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    TLS & Encryption

    Hi All I am trying to get TLS and Encryption working. I have a company wide wildcard certificate install and tls enabled for the internal profile (we don't use the external as we lock it all down) There is a profile registered with 5061 so all good. We use Zoiper, Snom and Yealink phones. I...
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    VIP List

    Thanks for the suggestion. Just trying to get it working. Teach me to agree to something LOL
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    VIP List

    I want to create a VIP list of numbers that would send calls to alternative destination unlike normal incoming calls I can create a dialplan and pipe the numbers in but think it may be too big with the numbers I want to use. Is there anyway of getting fusion to look in a file as part of a dial...
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    Event Guard

    Hi All Does anyone know how Event Guard is meant to work? I have it installed and can see ip's in the logs which it says it's blocked (multiple of the same ip) I can see these multiple have been added to ip tables but I can also see the ip address still hitting the cli trying to register...
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    Strange behavior port forwarding 5060

    Are these set as dstnat and not srcnat If so I am also at a loss as have many site pbx's setup behind MT routers with no issues
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    Strange behavior port forwarding 5060

    To be honest this smells of SIP ALG where 1 item would registered with 5060 then when the next device registers, it knocks off the previously registered device.
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    Strange behavior port forwarding 5060

    Mine is also on MT with dstnat rules 5060-5069 TCP 5060-5090,10000-32768 UDP External registrations such as Groundwire show up as eg 95060 In Variables have you set your public ip address in external_rtp_ip external_sip_ip
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    Strange behavior port forwarding 5060

    I run one of my boxes behind NAT with no issues Make sure that you have SIP ALG disabled on the router, as that will just cause you pain.
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    Callforward only for external callers

    Would you just not send inbound calls to the relevant location?
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    TLS Issue

    Hi All I am trying to get TLS up and running on a multi domain server. The server has a valid commercial wildcard certificate up an running in Nginx which works fine. I have done the following to get it up and running in the TLS folder cat /etc/ssl/certs/ssl.crt > /etc/freeswitch/tls/all.pem...
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    Transfer Call at hangup

    Usually I can cobble something together for most Fusionpbx tasks but just can't get my head around this one. One of our customers wants to transfer a call automatically when a pbx user hangs up. He want to record a message to say hang on the line to do a survey, which will be a ivr with...