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    Email Queue - Not using SMTP configuration after upgrade

    I recently upgraded to FusionPBX 5.1.1 from 5.X (I can't remember the exact release). Everything appeared to be working great until I learned voicemail and faxes were no longer arriving via email. After looking into the issue, I found that my SMTP server defined in the default settings is not...
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    GS GXP2170 - hold drops remote party

    I recently created a new tenant. This tenant is using GS GXP2170 phones (I typically use yealink). The latest firmware v1.0.11.71 is also installed. Inbound and outbound calls are working fine. Calls from the GS phone to the PSTN or another extension are able to place the call on hold and...
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    Yealink T46S Call Parking

    Hi @kshah, I was never able to get the audible alert or blinking LED features working. The customer was fine with the LED turning red to indicate a parked call so I moved on. :(
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    Yealink T46S Call Parking

    Thanks for the response! I downgraded to and the BLF transfer works, but the LED stops blinking. I have a case open with Yealink support as well. I will update this post if I get anything good back from them.
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    Yealink T46S Call Parking

    Is it possible for Yealink phones to generate an Audible / Visual Alert when a call is parked? These settings don't appear to change anything: I have tried configuring the DSS keys in multiple ways with firmware version: Type: Call Park Value: park+*5901@domain Result: DSS Key...