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    Voicemail Transcription

    I'm currently on Fusion Version 5.1.5, what is the earliest way and/or is it an option to setup voicemail transcrie for email?
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    RE: xml_cdr not working after update

    So whats the final solution? I have the same issue @markjcrane
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    Call Audio issue with Grandstream Phones, Yealink is working

    Having a wierd issue and I need help! I have a customer that has a bunch of phones at one location, they had internet issues last week and the ISP fixed the issue, since then I'm having an issue with their phones. They have Grandstream and yealink phones, all phones are provisioned directly...
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    Ring Group CID Number prefix

    Name usually never goes along, especially when it's transferred to a cellular.
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    Ring Group CID Number prefix

    I'm trying to setup a prefix that when a ring group is forwarded to an outbound call it should come up as 999#8885551212 but for some reason the system ignores the prefix, can anyone help me with this? I'm running Fusion version 5.1.0
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    Inbout DID route to the FusionPBX not ring extensions

    Try sngrep command and see where it gets stuck
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    Fusionpbx Audio uploads, Volume decreases after upload

    On one of my servers, every time I upload recordings and load them to an IVR the volume decreases. any solution?
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    Help! beta testers wanted

    I can definitely be a beta user and test for you
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    User_record *Bug* on latest version - Crashes all active calls

    so u mean to say the calls dont actually crash? and it's just the page showing the active calls?
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    User_record *Bug* on latest version - Crashes all active calls

    the error on the screen shows somet5hing about socket, and all calls drop
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    User_record *Bug* on latest version - Crashes all active calls

    I upgraded to version 5.0.10, Every time I setup a DSS key on a yealink phone with "Record" option, when pressed it crashes all active calls and it comes up as a socket error. Any solution? How do I submit a bug? I'm sure it's affecting other users as well. @markjcrane
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    Inbound calls not connecting - Incompatible Destination

    try sngrep -c and call in the number and see whats the reason it's being blocked, sometimes it can be that the ip wasnt added in the ACL, sometimes it can be that the carrier sends 11 digits and you entered 10 digits.
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    What happened to GSwave?

    o_O so what now? what is everyone using?
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    What happened to GSwave?

    Trying to download Gswave for Apple and it's not available in the app store. any idea? are there any users here that use Bria Enterprise and can share their experience with me here?
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    Its not always required depends on your provider. If Its not required make sure to change by register to "false"
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    Remote agent call forwarding

    I have a call center that has agents dial in to the company DID and dial in a code and it signs them on and sends the call to them. Some of the agents work with their cell phone as a forwarded call, is there anywhere in the system that i can setup the remote dial in for the agent to log in or...
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    Disable Missed call alert on Ring Group, Possible?

    i just tried with Call Center, every call gets like 5 missed call alerts on the phone every time the call center tries to call all extensions again. Can anyone help me? is there a way to disable that the phone shouldnt get missed call alerts from certain call centers or ring groups?
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    Disable Missed call alert on Ring Group, Possible?

    I have a customer that wants the phones to ring before the call goes into IVR, but they want it to show a missed call alert on all the phones for this call. Is it possible to disable missed call alert on this ring group, or do I have to go with a call queue?
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    Incoming calls won't arrive, how do I troubleshoot

    Make sure the sip ip's from your provider are allowed in acl. As well as check how many digits are being sent by ring central when the call comes in.
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    SOLVED Outbound Global 911 route

    This did the job! ${domain_name}! Thanks tons!.