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    Recording before ring group

    Thanks Daz, Updated and the option is there.. I'll take the comments aboard regarding the poor caller experience. Thanks Chaps.
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    Recording before ring group

    I get this, in this instance, the call goes into the queue so the message is to make the caller aware that they are in a queue. How would I go about adding this in to the dial plan? Thanks Daz.
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    Recording before ring group

    Hi I currently have anIVR configured that's working well. It currently says press one for sales, two for accounts etc. I would like is when a caller enters the IVR and presses 1 for sales they hear a second recording that says 'we are transferring you through to sales' Any idea how we...
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    Mac Telephone Call problems

    It turned out to be an issue with the Digital Ocean firewall! Policies looked ok but the F/W was doing something strange. Recreating the policies cleared it up
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    Pause needed while off-hook dialing

    Hi Guys I have an issue whereby if I dial (off-hook) an outside number starting with 0121 I get the busy tone. If I dial the number whilst on the hook or via a softphone the call goes through. I'm guessing I need to somehow delay the dialing with a pause or something? The system dials 012 as...
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    Mac Telephone Call problems

    Hi Guys We've been evaluating FusionPBX for some time now and it really does work well. We've got a strange issue where the Apple Mac VoIP client (Telephone 1.3.1) is unable to dial outside numbers. Dialing internal extensions work fine but external calls timeout. Other clients such as Zopier...
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    SIP Traces with Homer

    Could you give us a walkthrough of your installation / configuration. I would love to have alook at this! Best Regards Adam
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    MOH Upload completing but not showing

    Just a quick update on this, I'm able to upload to local groups but not global. It would be great if we could upload it globally for use across all tenants
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    MOH Upload completing but not showing

    Hi I'm trying to upload a 16bit 32kHz mono wav file into MOH, the upload completes but the new MOH wav is not shown. I've checked upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in php.ini (these are both set to 80mb as default) I'm running version 4.2.3 Has anyone else seen this in 4.2.3? Many Thanks...
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    Polycom phone Directory population

    Could you post your workaround Bounty?
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    Virtual Extension

    This may be the term. In our current pbx they're labeled 'Virtual Extension' so we could dial a number such as 2222 or 2223 for instance then this will redirect to an external number... Does that make sense?
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    Virtual Extension

    Is there a way to add virtual extensions? ie extension 2222 to call external number?
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    Upcoming Admin Training

    Hi I've fired a few emails to support but yet to have a reply. Just wondering if there are any upcoming admin training dates (other than the 28/29th Aug) I would like to get booked on asap Best Regards Adam
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    Hi Guys Is Hotdesking still a feature in the latest release? I've not come across any detail about it whilst searching. Best Regards Adam
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    externap_sip_ip when in 2 node HA Cluster

    Hi Guys I've just set up the simple 2 node cluster, followed the guides and its up and running. I have one question though. Our deployments are behind a firewall, so we NAT SIP and RTP traffic onto the pbx via our gateway. For voice to work we have to configure the external_rtp_ip &...
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    Multi, Multi Tenant

    Cool, thanks for clearing that up Daz.
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    Multi, Multi Tenant

    Hi Guys I'm looking for help configuring multi tenant, I want my tenant to be able to create tenants of his own, so he is able to see his account and all the tenants he looks after, but not others that he doesn't. I've searched around but not found what I'm looking for. Can anyone advise or...
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    Hi Guys Just a quick intro, I'm Adam, looking to learn a bunch about FusionPBX so please bare with me. Just implemented my first server and looking to expand my knowledge of it. Cheers :-) Adam