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  1. hfoster

    Inter-Domain/Tenant Dialing

    Enable the is_local dialplan rule. It's a LUA script that detects local routes and transfers them to the destination context accordingly. As for the WHY?????, it's probably for people like me who have to make every call to different entities go via the voice core network instead of floating...
  2. hfoster

    Softphone recommendation

    I can attest to the Acrobits Cloud Softphone too.
  3. hfoster

    Softphone recommendation

    You 100% NEED to use Google Firebase or Apple Push Notification Service for iOS, and you also need to have a proxy hosted online that wakes the phones using Firebase/APNS to tell the phone to re-register for the SIP INVITE that is about to be sent to the phone. This reason is why the only...
  4. hfoster

    DST a Week Early

    Yeh, I thought that, but then it happens next year and the year after that too. I think someone at Yealink/Fanvil just made an erroneous commit.
  5. hfoster

    Yealink DST issue this month UK Fix in here. Not tested with every single model though.
  6. hfoster

    Redis changing to a non-free licensing model.

    KeyDB seems promising, only downside is the BSD license means the same might happen again.
  7. hfoster

    DST a Week Early

    Yeh, most of our Yealinks and on FusionPBX AND 3CX. Yealink must have dropped a bollock when defining the automatic DST time, as they've put it as the 4th week instead of the last week of March. Must be a recent thing as some ancient phones like the T27P have got the correct definition. I just...
  8. hfoster

    Exchange EMail Setup.

    You'll probably want to take the extras folder from the legacy 5.2 branch of PHPMailer: as the supplied one with FusionPBX doesn't seem to include the entire thing:
  9. hfoster

    Help setting up Multiple tenants in fusionPBX

    On a rudimentary level, it is possible to attach another PBX as an extension to FusionPBX. You simply set the outbound caller ID on the extension, and route the inbound to the extension. For more complex setups, you may need to research the Bridges tool...
  10. hfoster

    FusionPBX Gateway without ACL

    You sending the INVITES to port 5080? 5060 is for extensions. 5080 for trunks.
  11. hfoster

    Yealink W70/W60 Auto Provisioning settings not replicating on Account 2 / 2nd Extension

    You'll find a lot of the configs don't have the provisioning variables after account 1, 2, 3, etc. You'll have to manually match them up to the account.1.codec rules in /var/www/fusionpbx/resources/templates/provision/yealink/w70b/{$mac}.cfg...
  12. hfoster

    SOLVED Outbound Caller ID's and handset diversions?

    Nevermind. It was simpler than I thought. All I had to do was export a new variable diversion_outbound_number=${dialed_extension} and use that in the outbound routes as my effective_caller_id_number. There's me trying to complicate things by doing it in the one leg,
  13. hfoster

    freeswitch-mod-curl not installing

    Debian 8 repositories! :eek:
  14. hfoster

    SOLVED Outbound Caller ID's and handset diversions?

    Here's the situation. These are some standalone single user handsets, and as there's going to be a number of strange SIP devices on the end we can't rely on feature key sync for diverting. It's essentially a response to the PSTN shutdown in the UK My problem however is when a Yealink deskphone...
  15. hfoster

    Cant dial out through gateway with country code added

    Yeh, I don't know if prefix 0 is a British only thing. Every number has a 0 at the start here for national dialling, and 00 for international exit code.
  16. hfoster

    Cant dial out through gateway with country code added

    Without the prefix, it's probably useless as your provider will probably expect the 0 prefix.
  17. hfoster

    Cant dial out through gateway with country code added

    ^\+?88(\d{11})$ Don't forget the prefix 0, or whatever your country uses.
  18. hfoster

    SOLVED destination_number in CDR saved in different format

    Theoretically, it's only the 'display' part of the number, so it should be fine. You probably just won't see updates when the call is transferred elsewhere on the phone.
  19. hfoster

    Incoming calls when the provider's IP addresses are unknown This might be pertinent.
  20. hfoster

    Call forwarding

    Well do you want to remove the PIN number or just change it? Do you want the feature code to always forward the same ring group or do you want it to prompt for it (the default)? Do you want the destination to be the same or do you want it to ask each time (the default)?