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    Ring group with single mobile number not working (Solved)

    Without looking at the logs for this call attempt, I don't think anyone can help you.
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    FusionPBX Maintenance app

    Yes, but not completely. Listing all maintenance applications on the Maintenance page (Status > Maintenance > Show All) is still broken. Just shows one item without a name, and the retention days its showing for DB and File system don't match with any of the maintenance application. Changes...
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    FusionPBX Maintenance app

    Came across this new FusionPBX Maintenance app a week or two ago, so decided to give it a try. Found a couple things broken in it. FusionPBX 5.3.1 master, updated to-date Switch version: 1.10.11 PHP version: 8.1.28 1/ After installing the app, Status > Maintenance > Logs, always throws an...
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    Route call to external number

    @ardyhash I'm guessing you are either using "Time conditions" (automatic) or "Call flows" (manual) to route calls between your business hours VS after hours destination. If that's the case, instead of a extension with always enabled call forwarding, I'd probably create a OUTBOUND destination for...
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    Call flip/switch

    Mobile twinning is what you're looking for. Mobile twinning is described a little different in some other commercial PBX's (Like Avaya, Mitel etc), but in FusionPBX it does exactly how call-flip is described in that above webpage you linked.
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    SOLVED ring group not ringing

    @Tobias.F It's your incorrect regex in your outbound dialplan, whichever one is this [Fritzbox-xxxxxxxxx37.49490049019d]. You have a PIPE / OR ("|") at the start of your regex that's basically matching everything. Instead of ^((|49|\+49|0049|0)[1-9]\d*)$, try to use ^((49|\+49|0049|0)[1-9]\d*)$...
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    SOLVED ring group not ringing

    @Tobias.F why is your [call_direction = outbound]?? I think because of that, FusionPBX is trying to send the call out via your gateway. It's not even getting to the ring group dialplan. Post the full log of this call, starting from where the call hits your PBX from your carrier.
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    Two step verification

    Thank you for the moderation efforts @DigitalDaz, been very annoying lately looking at all the spam posts. I try to report as many as possible when I see one.
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    Available destinations in an IVR menu

    Is it possible to limit the types of destinations available in the 'Destination' dropdown in an IVR menu. By default if displays everything - Outbound destinations, Dialplans, Extensions, Fax servers, Recordings, Tones, SIP trunks etc. I'm trying to hide the Fax servers and SIP trunks as, in my...
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    customise random password generated for ivr recording using *732

    In 'Dialplan Manager', look for 'recordings' (Number *732, Order 400). In there is an action to set the pin_number value.
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    Provisioning HT812 or 814

    814 does have more P-parameters than 812 (Additional P-parameters for port 3 and 4 on the 814), I don't think that'll make it reject the whole config file but it may, I never tried that.
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    Provisioning HT812 or 814

    Could be the template itself now. Look into the syslog on the device with it set to 'EXTRA DEBUG', that'll tell you if and what it doesn't like in the config file. OR if you're familiar with the GS config file structure and parameters, download it directly from your FusionPBX and give it a read...
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    Provisioning HT812 or 814

    That is fine. It will always ask for ALL those other files as well even though it already received the cfgMAC.xml or any one of those other config files. Its just how GS ATA are.
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    Provisioning HT812 or 814

    You shouldn't have to add anything in the config prefix or postfix, thats only for when you have multiple different versions of the config file differentiated with some prefix or postfix value. I just looked at the logs for one of my HT-814 and it looks for the config file as I mentioned above...
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    Provisioning HT812 or 814

    The sequence the GS HT series ATA's look for, for its config file is; cfgxxxxxxxxxxxx (Binary file) cfgxxxxxxxxxxxx.xml cfg.xml Here xxxxxxxxxxxx is the LAN MAC of the device in lowercase. I'd say match your template file in FusionPBX to be cfg{$mac}.xml
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    Incorrect call duration when a call is forwarded to external number from ring group

    I can't be the only one experiencing this issue here. Would appreciate if someone would like to share what their experience is with a setup like this and if there's a fix or workaround to this that I'm missing.
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    Set up users/PIN number to call

    Have you looked into the PIN numbers app?
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    Device Profile Assignment

    I tried this on 5.2 and it works for me as expected. I don't have the EDIT (Pencil) button, instead I have a drop down to select a profile from. What release are you running?
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    How to Eavesdrop call take over FusionPBX

    Check here, under Advanced > Eavesdrop *33 <ext> Eavesdrop Listen to the call. Press 1 remote, 2 local, 3 full conversation, 0 mute
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    Incorrect call duration when a call is forwarded to external number from ring group

    Hello all, Looking for some suggestions around this issue that I'm experiencing with calls to external PSTN numbers via Ring groups. So I have a user extension, Ext 1001, that is call forwarded to an external number 416xxxXX31. And this Ext 1001 is part of Ring Group 8001. Ring group has...